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About us

YDNA testing of hundreds of men of the Cox surname (and variant spellings) have revealed dozens of different Cox lines around the world of many origins including English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Finn/Swede.  Testers have been able to discover which line they belong to by taking the YDNA test that provides them with a list of men whose Y chromosomes match to theirs.  These matches could be a brother, a 1st cousin, a descendant of your 7th Great Grandfather, or a man who lives half-way around the world who descends from your 12th Great Grandfather. The project uses family trees in combination with YDNA matches to break genealogical brick walls.  Your paternal-line tree can be instantly validated if your results match to a descendant of your 4th, 5th, etc. Great Grandfather.

The YDNA test and this project is a great place to start if you
- have no information on your Cox line and would like to gain an understanding
- have researched your line back 200-400 years and are stuck at a brick wall
- would like to know more about the origins of your Cox ancestors.

Only men can take the YDNA test.   To study your Cox line, you / your tester must be named Cox or be fathered by a Cox.  If your mother was the Cox you are studying, you need an Uncle or cousin to serve as a surrogate tester - only men fathered by a Cox will learn about their Cox line.  If you were adopted, the test will help you discover your paternal line.

To join our project, click the "Join" button in the upper right corner of this page and order a YDNA kit.  If you already have a kit, simply follow the prompts to enter your kit number.  The Y-37 kit is a great kit to start.  It will reveal all your matches and can be upgraded in the future if you want to learn more about when, in the past 1,000+ years, your common ancestor with these matches lived.

Our Administrators:
Terry Barwin - General Questions on Cox Genealogy and YDNA Results for all sub-groups except R1b-A Brandywine Cox
Debbie Cox and Margie Romine - Questions about Brandywine Cox Genealogy and R1b-A Brandywine Cox YDNA Results

If you have questions about whether this project and this test would be helpful for you, please email