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About us

This project was started for FTDNA testers on 12 January 2018.  Autosomal transfers are also welcome as are females with the the autosomal test.  However, because females keep changing their surnames, we need the men to test, please.

Current residence is irrelevant because in due course, we shall see how all families migrated at various times to their new country.The higher the test, the better - my personal recommendation for any male is the autosomal test ('Family Finder') and the Y111 STR Test followed by the Big Y SNP testing.  Luckily FTDNA has regular sales throughout the year although we will not know what will be available until the public notices come out.This project is for those whose surname is COX, COXE, COCKS etc.

The early lineage of COX originates from Lidlington, Boughton End, and most of the villages in the vicinity of  Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England. 
The main families worked on the Duke of Bedford's Estate for many years, before a branch emigrated and arrived in Nelson, New Zealand in 1875.