County Wexford Ireland

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About us

Welcome to County Wexford Project Group. This is a new geographical group set up to connect people who have ancestors from County Wexford. The hope is by grouping people whose ancestors originate from the same area connections can be determined. 

Anyone who has taken a DNA test is welcome to join.  Y-DNA, mtDNA and Family Finder from FTDNA, plus autosomal tests from other sites, such as AncestryDNA, My Heritage, 23andMe and LivingDNA can be uploaded for free.

For members who have tested Y-DNA the results table will only be grouped if your oldest patrilineal ancestor is expected to be from Wexford or Ireland, or your results indicate you match others from those groups.  

Identified Patriarchs of County Wexford Y-DNA groups can be found on Wikitree