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About us

Y-CHROMOSOME: This project tests specific markers on the Y-Chromosome, which is only passed from father to son. Therefore, the DNA donor must be a male COUNTS descendant.

COUNTS VARIANTS: The COUNTS surname and similarn 

DNA SAMPLE: The sampling method uses a cheek swab, rubbing a 'stick' (provided) on the inside of your cheek; and then putting the end of the stick in a little vile (provided) and mailing it back in a mailer (provided). No pain, no blood. It's like brushing your teeth, and the kit provides all you need.

LAB: We are using Family Tree DNA. They use an independent lab to do the actual DNA analysis, and then FTDNA provides the info and web site.

FTDNA WEB SITE: There is some general info on this web site and some links to various articles. Some of the best education can be found at some of the surname web sites. Click on SURNAME PROJECTS and then look up some of these surnames and then click on their linked site.

RELATIONSHIPS: When DNA from 2 descendants match it means they have a common ancestor, and when it doesn't match, it means they don't. When these results are used in conjunction with the paper researched genealogy trail, we have been learning a lot that will connect or un-connect various lines.

MUTATIONS & THE COMMON ANCESTOR: DNA is expected to randomly mutate over the generations, so the numbers of markers that match between two tests can be analyzed statistically. For instance a 25/25 match would indicate a 50% probability that there is a common ancestor for the two results within 7 generations, while an 11/12 match would indicate many more generations before a common ancestor.

NOT A MALE COUNTS?: Females and descendants who are not COUNTS all the way down a male line, can still participate by finding a brother, or uncle or male cousin who does have an unbroken male COUNTS line. That person can provide a DNA sample and 'stand in' for you. 

SIGN UP: Usually a male COUNTS would order a test (provide the name, address, email, phone number, etc. and credit card payment), but someone else with the information could make an order for a male COUNTS by contacting me for the arrangement.

DNA STORAGE: FTDNA stores and saves your DNA sample for over 20 years. So it can be used for follow-on studies, or for new studies that may be developed. This is a good idea for some of your more senior relatives - they can provide DNA now which may be available for genealogy testing years from now.

Please contact me if you would like to participate or have any questions. We need your participation!