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About us

This project is for:

1. Identifiying the different Cottrell families around the World.
2. Helping those of us with brick walls break through them.
3. Supporting fragmented paper trails with DNA evidence of relatedness.
4. The project accepts all males still carrying a variant of the Cottrell surname: Cottrill, Cotterell, Cotrell, Cotterill, Cotteral, Coterel, Coteral, etc.

This project does not:

1. Provide genealogical research services.
2. Determine exact ancestors through DNA evidence (I.E. this DNA test cannot prove that you descend from a proposed ancestor who was born in Anywhere, England on October 12, 1645 it can only show that you have or do not have the same DNA signature as someone else that has a paper trail back to that person)
3. There is now a separate site for Cockrell DNA testing and results