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Costello/Costilow/Costley/Coustley/Casto Surname Project
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About us

The aims of this project are two fold

1) To identify if possible the originators of the name and identify their Haplogroup. For this we would love to have as many Costello testers who have ancestors from Mayo and Roscommon in particular.

2) We want to try and figure out if there is a connection between the Costellos which are found in different parts of the country. The main populations of Costellos in Ireland are found in Mayo and Galway these are likely to be related. The next biggest grouping was in Kilkenny/Tipperary boarder region and after that next biggest population of Costellos is from Kerry. Is there sub populations and groupings in these areas

We would also like to identify the DNA and grouping of some notable Costellos
for instance
John A. Costello (1891–1976), Taoiseach of Ireland
Dubhaltach Caoch Mac Coisdealbhaigh (died 1667), Irish soldier and rapparee
Barry M. Costello (born 1951), United States Navy Vice Admiral
Joseph Arthur Costello (1915–1978), American Catholic bishop
Edmund William CostelloVCCMGCVODSO (7 August 1873 – 7 June 1949) Indian/British Army

This final Costello may well have been a member of the original Costello family from Co Mayo we would be very interested in having some of his male relatives tested.