Cosgrove Surname Project

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About us

Project Goals

The overall intent for the project is to assist families in their genealogical research on their Cosgrove family lines.  The project is meant to be inclusive, not exclusive.  In other words, it is my intent to allow anyone to join the surname project as long as their can demonstrate a familial connection to a bona-a-fide Cosgrove ancestor.  In addition to the project’s overall intent, the project also has several important goals:

1) Help contribute to genetic genealogy research. I encourage all male members who carry the Cosgrove surname to take, at a minimum, either an 111- or 67- marker Y-DNA test, and if possible, the Big Y-DNA test.  For those members that cannot afford the Big Y test at this time, a backbone SNP test is encouraged once you have received your 111- or 67- marker test results. I hope that overtime we can collectively generate enough genetic data that could contribute to the identification of SNPs that are unique to the various Cosgrove Clans of ancient Ireland (pre-Norman Invasion period).  If successful in this endeavor, we should be able to use each member's YDNA test results to align them to one of the ancient Cosgrove clanns (at least theoretically).  While this may take some years to achieve, it’s a worth while goal nonetheless.  The more people that can test, the more likely we will be able to achieve the goal!

2) Help members find surname matches.  Many males take a Y-DNA marker test to help locate genetic matches to further either their own genealogical research or to help their family members’research efforts.   I would like to help members identify and contact possible genetic matches to other members who carry the Cosgrove surname by creating a positive, respectful forum where Cosgrove family members can gather to collaborate with one another to achieve this very important goal.

3) Help members find family matches.  While some families search for surname matches, other members may be trying to break through brick walls associated with their broader genealogical research efforts.  Thus, members who are descendants of a Cosgrove line in their family trees are welcome to join the group in hopes of finding common ancestors and tracing their roots back to a specific location in Ireland where their Cosgrove ancestors once lived.  Members are encouraged to take an  Autosomal DNA test to help find genetic matches.