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Genealogical Evidence shows that most Corey/Cory's in this country descend from three Colonial ancestors. The Colonial ancestors are: John Cory of Long Island, New York who arrived there about 1640; Thomas Cory of Chelmsford, Massachusetts who arrived there between 1640 and 1650; and William Cory of Portsmouth, Rhode Island who arrived there as early as 1640 as a child with his paternal grandmother and step-grandfather, John Roome. Previous DNA testing has proven no relationship between these men.
Giles Cory of Salem, another early Colonial ancestor had no sons so no men with the Cory surname name descend from him directly.
From genealogical research there were several other immigrants in the late 1800's. Some from England, Ireland, and Scotland. We also know of immigrants from Syria or one of the Arab nations. The spelling of their name was Khouri, and most of these men Americanized the spelling to Corey. To compound the problem they settled in the same area as descendants from the Colonial Ancestors.