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About us


This project was started in August 2003 for genealogy researchers who are interested in using genetics technology in their research. The concept is simple: a specific portion of DNA is passed down from father to son unchanged for generations. By analyzing this small but specific segment and comparing it to others, it is possible to determine if there is likely a relationship (or not) between two males. The testing procedure is also simple; a brush like a small toothbrush is used to collect some skin cells from the inside of the participant’s mouth – no blood drawing is involved. Using these cells, certain “markers” are located and counted by the laboratory. From these markers a comparison can be made and an estimate can be made regarding the likelihood of a recent Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). This testing can also prove with certainty that two lines are not related, which can be valuable to researchers since no time or resources are then needed to research those non-related lines. Members are automatically notified when a match or near match with another member is found - provided they have given consent for the notification. Inclusion in a larger world-wide database (Y-Search.com) is also available and free of charge.

Because of the many, many instances of misspelling and other recordkeeping errors through the years, a list of names that may be included in this study includes: Coons, Coen, Cone, Coon, Coan, Cohn, Coonce, Coone, Coones, Coom, Combs, Coome, Coombs, Coone, Coonts, Coontz, Coonse, Coam, Coehm, Cohne, Conn, Coohn, Coun, Counts, Coune, Couyne, Cuen, Cuene, Cune, Cuon, Koon, Koons, Kuhn, Koen, Kohn, Kone, Koone, Kuehne, Kuehn, Kun, Kohne, Kuhen, Kuhne, Kuhns, Kune, Kunne, Kuun , Koan, Koanne, Kouen, Kouhn, Koun, Kuean, Kuehn, Kuin, Kuine, Kuinn, Koontz, Kouns, Kuntz, Kunz, Koonts, Kuntze, Kontz, Kountz, Kountze, Kuentz, Keuntz, Kundtz, Kuntz, Cuntz, Koents, Koentze, Kountis, Kounts, Kunets, Kunetz, Kunts, Kunz, Cuntze, Coants, Coantz, Coents, Gohn, Gahn, MacCoone, MacCoon, MacEwin, McCoon, Mc Coun, MacComb. There may be others.

There is a discount on the price of testing if you arrange your test through a group such as this one. Use the "Request to Join this Group" tab to the left of your screen to order a kit and get started. Participation includes a free personal home page hosted by FTDNA that allows access to your information and other genealogy resources. No one should be concerned about how technical or scientific this all sounds. Yes, it is complex, but there is more than enough support available to help participants understand and to get the full benefit of this new technology for genealogical research.

The administrators of this project and Family Tree DNA want every participant to succeed.

Each participating lineage should consider the following test to refine/identify their haplogroup and to lay the groundwork for establishing which other lineages  are close in both ancestral and geographical terms.

https://www.familytreedna.com/images/table_bigY.pngBIG Y Sequencing

Next Gen Y Sequencing is the new test that pushes Y-DNA research in the future. By ordering and making the results available you will help tremendously to increase public knowledge and provide information down to the tester. The results of this test may be utilized to link together distant family branches where no paper linkage can be established.