Comstock Y-DNA Project

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About us

The goal of this project is primarily to confirm or disprove whether or not John, Daniel, Samuel and Christopher Comstock, who lived in the time period between about 1625 and 1700, were likely brothers, or at least close kin to William Comstock who died about 1683.  It is also possible that new Comstock lines will be discovered.

In order to reach this goal, it is important that descendants of each of the four possible sons be located and tested.  The more test results we have, the more conclusive the results.  If you are, or know, a Comstock male who believes he can reasonably trace his pedigree, please consider testing.  Please email me with any questions.

There are Comstock families both in the United States and in Canada that have never found a connection to this New England family.  Any Comstock male who is not sure whether or not he should be trying to find an ancestor in this Comstock family can take part and see if his results do match.