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Y-DNA STR testing has shown that at least some of the Collinses who lived in the two communities of Clattice Harbour and Grandy's Point, Placentia Bay, in the mid 1800s were related. It is believed their common ancestor dates back to about 1770. Similarly, Y-DNA testing has proved that the Collinses of Spaniard's Bay and Indian Islands descend from common ancestor Timothy Collins (c 1758- c 1821) of Spaniard's Bay.

The Collinses of Clattice Harbour-Grandy's Point and those of Harbour Grace shared the common ancestor of BY2881, though not within the genealogical timeframe. 

The Collinses of Spaniard's Bay/Indian Islands, Clattice Harbour/Grandy's Point, Harbour Grace, and Lamaline all shared a common ancestor in FGC11134, thousands of years ago (about 3700 years before present -- YFull YTree verson 4.07). 

Deeper testing can still be done for all groups, with the possible exception of FGC17135.