Y-DNA-Focused Project for Cole and Variant Surnames
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About us

The Cole (and variants) surname project is primarily focused on Y-DNA Results with the goal being to use similar results to define lines. The Y-DNA results pages are organized by Cole lines on a best effort basis. We've looked at the Y-DNA matches of the men tested and attempted to group all those together who look to be related within a genealogical time frame. Cole descendants with autosomal DNA test results (Family Finder, AncestryDNA, 23andme, etc...) are also welcome to join the project, but there no administrative tools to do anything with those results. You can, however, check for Family Finder matches within the project to look for possible Cole matches.. As mtDNA has no bearing on surnames, we do nothing with those results. If you are Y-DNA tested, please be sure to set your Paternal Most Distant Ancestor information on the Genealogy tab of your Settings page. Be sure to include some geographic information, as a name and dates don't provide enough information to tell us about your ancestor.