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About us

Our DNA project is working with descendants from the following progenitors.

James Kile of Frederick County VA (ca 1720)
Robert Kyle of Ireland and VA (ca 1710)
Valentine Keely of Germany and PA (ca 1690)
Valentine Coil of Augusta County VA (ca 1700)
Moses Coil of OH (ca 1818)
Jacob Kile of Knox County, OH (ca 1750)
Patrick Kyle Ireland (ca 1660)
Christopher Kile PA (ca 1747)
Coyle-Jefferson Co., OH (ca 1770)
Samuel Crawford Kyle b 9/8/1852
Clark Garnhardt Coyle b. 1825 MS
William Kile b. ca 1750 d. Pickaway Co., OH
Anthony Koile b. abt. 1750
Thomas Kyle b. 1766 Scotland
George Kile b. 1770 GR-MD-MO
Samuel Kyle b. 1815 PA
Elias Kile b. ca 1822-1830
John W. Kile b. 1844 LA
Joseph Coyle b. Ireland d. 1830 PA

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