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About us

This is a YDNA Surname Project.  The project uses the male YDNA to connect linage going back in time.  Using YDNA it is possible to track a surname back to the time when surnames were first used.  In England it was about 1066 AD.  Only males have YDNA.  This is not the same as Ancestry Autosomal DNA, Family Finder Autosomal or 23andMe Autosomal.  

The project recommends a minimum of the YDNA37 test.  The more markers you test, the more you will learn about your YDNA.  The Y700 test is currently the most advanced test offered.

The name Cockerham is of English origin and is variously spelled Cockerham, Cockreham, Cockeram, Cockrum, Cockram, Cockran, Cockrem, Cochran and Cockern. In the United States, as in England, there are several lines of Cockerham descendants, with various surnames. These lines cannot always be connected or traced for many generations.