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We have established which of twelve separate Coad and Coode lineages are related. There are three distinct West Country Coad-Coode families unrelated on the paternal line, all apparently living within a few miles of each other near Liskeard Cornwall from the 1520s.  These unrelated families have lived side by side for centuries, wherever the Cornish have travelled. This is explained in considerable detail in Unravelling the Code.

Places of death are generally given below, where known


The main clan of Cornish Coads/Coodes are in three localised branches: farmers of North Hill/Lezant, the Truro mining families, and the professional Coodes of Breage/St Austell

Their haplogroup is R1b>L21>DF49>>ZP75>ZP77*

DF49 is one of the two largest branches of Insular Celtic L21, which dates back to the Beaker Folk. It takes most of its basal branches in the west of England, from Gloucester through to Cornwall. There are also several very large branches in Ireland, which date back to the population reset there after 100BC, and are probably the result of an in intrusion from Dumnonia loosely recorded in the Bardic chronicles.

This line is a unique precursor of the massive DF49>>M222 Ui Neill line in Northern Ireland/Scotland; and also of the Hy Mani (Kelly) line. It departed from these Irish lines more than 4000 years ago and has probably been in Cornwall or the general area since the early Bronze Age.

The three branches  are widely spaced in genetic distance to the point we at first considered them to be unrelated, but there must be a common ancestor in the 1400s or earlier.


This line begins in Menheniot near Liskeard, moving to Stithians and forming a junior and senior branch. It begins 

  John Code 1520-1591 Menheniot>John Coode 1556-1604 Sithney>Luke Coode 1583-1642 Stithians>John Coode 1603-1672 

   The senior line is apparently from a legitimised natural son of John 1603 

   i) Senior line  (Truro)   

   Walter Coad or Reed 1640-1714 Stithians>Richard Cood 1683-1755 Redruth THEN

   Kit #157524

     William Coad 1713-1784>Charles Coad 1768-1818 Kenwyn>Stephen Coad 1795-1840>Charles Coad 1831-1908 Victoria> Stephen Coad 1856-1931>Charles E Coad 1897-1968>Maxwell C Coad 1931-1995

   The line of Robert Coad the convict is

      Richard Coad 1708-1773 Kea>John Coad 1743-1819 Kenwyn>Charles Coad 1783>Robert Coad 1811-63 Victoria  THEN

           Kit #84714

 William G R Coad 1852-1917 >Robert Coad 1876-1939 >Joseph J Coad 1919-1987

 Kit #97847

 John T Coad 1843-1926>Alfred R Coad 1888-1970 Sydney>William H Coad 1910-1989

  ii) Junior  line   (Perranarworthal)

     Kit #270797 

John Cood or Coade 1654-86 Stithians> John Coad 1678-1742 Perran>Edward Coad 1722-67>Walter Coad 1754>Walter Coad 1801-1857> Thomas Coad 1845-1911>Arthur Coad>1869-1919 S Africa>Arthur Coad 1908-77  


Two lines descend from brothers John and Edward. The first line survives in the USA and the second in St Austell.

i) Ancestry Y45 kit, not in project

William Code 1537-1606 Lansallos> John Coode 1560-1612 Breage> John Coode II 1597-1672>JohnCoode III 1622-1686 Penryn>John Coode 1648-1708 Maryland>John Coode IV1675-1718>  John Coode V 1700-1766>John Coode VI 1723-1794>John Coode VII 1769-1809>John Coad VII 1800-1808>Demetrius AG Coode 1844-1904 Nashville >John D Coad 1870-1960 >James B Coad 1896-1969>James B Coode 1921

ii Kit  #142592

William Code 1537-1606 Lansallos>Edward Coode 1565-1744 Sithney>John Coode 1613-75>Samuel Coode 1655-1723>Edward Coode 1704-76 Penryn>Edward Coode II 1735-1807>Edward Coode III 1766-1845 St Austell>Edward Coode IV 1792-1865>John Coode 1832-89>John M Coode 1865-1949 Devon>George CS Coode 1910-97 Cornwall {DNA Private}


This line of farmers begins

William Code 1537-1606 Lansallos>Stephen Code 1587-1644 Quethiock>William Coode 1630-1713 North Hill THEN

  i) The North Hill line continues

  William Coode 1658-1708 Linkinhorne>Samuel Coad 1702-78 North Hill>Nicholas Coad 1751-1801 THEN

     Kit #79990

     John Coad 1780-1851>Robert Coad 1810-82>Francis S Coad 1838-1916 Devon>Eber Coad 1875-1928 NJ USA>Robert Hugh Coad 1915-2006

     Kit #207973

     Nicholas Coad 1782-1866 South Australia>John Coad 1834-1919>Samuel Coad 1862-1934 Western Aust>Harold J Coad 1897-1995>Peter J Coad 1943-1977 

 ii) The Lezant line runs 

     Kit #469635

  James Coad 1685-1737 Lezant>James Coad 1722-1794 Linkinhorne>George Coad 1766-1843>William Coad 1797-1886>George Coad 1846-1897 Devon>Richard J Coad 1884-1963 Warwick>Ronald J Coad 1915-2000 Northumberland


This clan may be a distaff line of the first group, probably descended from a branch of Callaway/Kelliowe who lived close to the Codes in Lansallos and Liskeard in the 1520s. It is intermixed with the main Cornwall family from the 1500s. The YDNA sequence is

The A1142 branch also occurs in Ireland and the Netherlands.  It dates to about 100BC, a time of considerable climatic damage on the Atlantic seaboard, apparently reducing the Irish population, changing the Frisian coast,  and sending northern tribes into Britain and Roman territory.

A. LOOE branch.
  1. This appears to begin 

  2. Edward Coade ~1592-1660 Lostwithiel> Nicholas Coad 1622-1700 Looe>Nicholas Coad 1666-1746 St Neot> Samuel Coad 1720-77 Looe THEN continues 

      Kit #80458

      Nicholas Coad 1622-1700 Looe>Samuel Coad 1752>William Coad 1787 Bodmin>William Coad 1813-68 Devonport>John S Coad 1836-83 NY>Edwin E Coad 1862-1950> Edwin E Coad II 1906-56 PA 

      Kit #76087

      John Coad 1753-1807 Polperro>Joseph Coad 1794-1870 Looe>Samuel Coad 1828-1907>Samuel Coad 1869-1957>Henry R Coad 1893-1954 

      Kit #306402

 …   Thomas Coad I 1755-1818>Thomas Coad II 1798-1870 London> Thomas Coad III 1839-1909> Thomas H Coad 1866-1920> Stanley R 1897-1977> Frederick R Coad 1925-2011 Shropshire 

  • B CROWAN branch

   Senior line

   Samuel Coad ~1625-1677 Looe>Samuel Coad 1655-1733 Crowan>Thomas Coad 1698-1769>Samuel Coad 1737-1785>John Coade 1773-1841 THEN

      Kit #434599

      Samuel Coade 1808-1886 Redruth>Samuel L Coad 1843-1922 Cumberland>Charles C Coade 1884-1948>Charles C Coade 1917-1967 

       Kit #112608

       William Coade 1812-1861 Victoria>John Coade 1838-1911>Ralph N Coade 1994-1970>Rodney H Coade 1917-92 

   Junior line 

       Kit #313967 

Samuel Coad ~1625-1677 Looe>Samuel Coad 1655-1733 Crowan>John Coad 1703-69>John Coad 1729-1769 Perranuthnoe>Thomas Coad 1761-1787 St John Job Coad 1786-1853 Plymouth>Thomas Coad 1833-1911 Wales> Stanley A Coad 1860-19561 Sussex>Philip R R Coad 1908-93


These distantly spaced but related lines appear to be descendants of the Codes of Gidleigh - one branch is placed in Devon south of Dartmoor, and the other in St Stephens, near St Wenn where Rev Gilbert Coode was stationed in the late 1500s. The Ermington branch is today only found in the USA, while the St Stephens branch of Coad became the largest in Cornwall.

R-U106>Z381>Z306>Z304>DF96>S11515>FGC8410>S15663 (FGC8383-, FGC13167-)

DF96 is a Germanic clade but it has been in Britain for a considerable time, with multiple entries. S15663 dates to about 60BC -  and may have entered Britain around the same time as A1142  However - distant German relatives show up on Y67 so it is possible the entry was more recent.


The line of the Ermington Coads of Devon  is

Kit #80407

Walter Coode ~1520>Richard Cood (bef 1550) Ugborough Devon >>Richard Cood ~1624 >Robert Coad I ~1665 Cornwood Devon>Robert Coad II 1700-1781 Ermington>Robert Coad III 1722-1784;Robert Coad IV 1749-1835 Ermington>John Coad 1788-1868 PA>Henry Coad 1829-1909 Iowa>Jasper H Coad 1858-1919>Clifford P Coad 1886-1976 Kansas>Clayton L Coad 1912-1994


The Brannel Coads descend from two brothers Anthony and Theophilus, who were born to an unknown father about 1650

a) The large Anthony>Edward line begins:

  Anthony Coad ~1648-1723 St Stephens> Edward Coad ~1679-1749>Edward Coad II 1709-1791 THEN

  i) Jonathan Branch

   Kit #171108 

       Jonathan Coad 1739-1802 St Stephens>Edward Coad 1780-1833>Jonathan Coad 1813-73>William Coad 1852-1922 St Austell >Albert S Coad 1888-1948 >John S Coad 1916-70 

   ii) William branch

       William Coad 1751-1805 St Neot>Thomas Coad 1778-1834 St Erme> William Coad 1823-1870 WI THEN

    Kit #207212      

     Nicholas GO Coad 1851-1928 Iowa>William A Coad 1883-1931>Nicholas W Coad 1921-1999 

    Kit #604051
            John Coad 1863-1942 Colorado>Osborne Coad 1906-51

b) The Anthony>Henry line goes 

  Kit #225445

  Anthony Coad ~1648-1723> Henry Cood ~1677-1741 Bodmin>John Cood 1704-1758 Brannel>Peter Coad 1744-1827 Penkivel>Richard Coad I 1780-1818>Richard Coad II 1808-1839>Richard Coad 1829-  1935>William H L Coad 1863-1911 Devonport>Philip H Coad 19889-1964 Nova Scotia>Donald H Coad 1923-2012 FLA 

c) The Theophilus line is

 Kit #247011

 Theophilus Coode ~1651-1687 St Stephens>Theophilus Coode 1684-1750>St Erth>Richard Cood 1705 Redruth>Theophilus Coad  1741>Theophilus Coad 1780-1811>James V Coad 1811-1864 >James T Coad 1838-1897 Penzance>Sydney Coad 1880-1865>Cecil Coad 1915-2004 


There is one family of Devon Codds represented, but the line is not known very far back


Two different Irish families, originally Codd, have been found. The largest group is E-V13; related to Abraham Codd from Aghold. Another family is L21>M222 - 'Ui Neill'. There are third and fourth probably unrelated families in America