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The Gaelic name Eoghan translates into modern day English as Owen or Ewen. The name Eoghan may be derived from eo ("yew") and fully translate to Born of the Yew. It also means Well Born based on the Latinized form of Eugenius. Mac/Mc is the Gaelic prefix which means "Son of". Mac Eoghain has been Anglicized as McEwen, McCowan, McKeown, McKeon, McKown, McCown, McCune, McCoun, McCuen, McOwen, McEuen, McQuown, McQueen and dozens of other spelling variants. When the Mac gets dropped( or never added to begin with ), you get the surnames Cowan, Cowen, Keown, Ewing etc. If "son" is added as a suffix instead of as a Mac prefix, you may get, Owens(on), and Eunson. If the Welsh prefix of Ab was used instead of Mac, then Ab Owen, becomes Bowen. This project aims to connect paternal lineages via Y-DNA testing. We typically recommend a 37 marker Y-DNA test to get your feet wet or a Big Y-700 if you want to fully test your Y-chromosome. Once FTDNA has your DNA in storage, it's easy to upgrade to more comprehensive tests. Please feel free to contact the project admins with any questions that you may have. Soundex B500, C500, G500, M250