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Welcome to the MacLean/MacLaine DNA Project which has the objective of using DNA testing to help project members to identify where their ancestors originated and to put them in touch with others whose DNA profile matches them most closely. WHO ARE WE? We are the project for anyone with a connection to our surname and an interest in the use of DNA testing for family research. We are hosted by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) but the project is run by volunteers who have no connection with this or any other testing company and receive no financial reward for any recommendations we may make. Our aim is to provide independent advice to our members on the benefits of DNA testing as part of personal family tree research and to guide them with interpretation of results and possible further testing. WHAT CAN WE OFFER? General advice on the different types of DNA testing available and what might be achieved with each. Guidance with the interpretation of matches and results, and identification of possible opportunities for further testing. FTDNA is not the only company offering such tests and our advice will be impartial. Y-DNA As a surname project our primary focus is on the testing of Y-DNA which is passed from father to son. For Y-DNA test results from FTDNA we are able to display members’ results anonymously alongside those of other members whose Y-DNA is closest to their own, suggesting nearest common ancestors. Also, project members will be able to contact their closest Y-DNA matches. We also research the Y-DNA results of all our members who have tested with a view to identifying characteristic haplogroups (groups of members sharing a common ancestor) which may represent descent from significant Clan or family members. We encourage members to record details of their most distant known MacLean ancestor which may be of assistance to others with similar Y-DNA and possibly link to recorded Clan history. There are different types of Y-DNA test examining different sections of Y-DNA and only males can take them as only they carry the Y chromosome in their DNA. These are described in more detail in the Background section – click the above tab. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed from a mother to each of their children but only daughters can pass it on to their children so it represents the maternal line of the person being tested but tests can be undertaken by both males and females wanting to research their maternal line. This, unfortunately, is of limited value to a surname project such as ours because, in general, a female’s surname is not retained on marriage so any connection to our surname will not be continuous. Because of this, we are unable to provide much in the way of advice to members concerning mtDNA testing. However, project members who have tested with FTDNA will have access to their closest mtDNA matches and their results will be displayed on our public mtDNA pages. Autosomal DNA (atDNA) testing such as FTDNA Family Finder, Ancestry DNA, 23&Me can be undertaken by both males and females. Autosomal DNA comes from both parents (and therefore 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents etc) which is very good for finding cousins back to about 5 or so generations but the contribution made by any particular surname is diluted very quickly. We can assist with the transfer of test results from Ancestry DNA, 23&Me or MyHeritage to FTDNA’s own Family Finder product and provide some general guidance on interpretation of the results but by their very nature the results of such tests are individual to the person concerned. Autosomal DNA testing in conjunction with public family tree research can be very powerful indeed. WHO CAN JOIN? • Anyone with the surname MacLean or MacLaine in any of its spelling variants such as McLean, McClain, McLain, McLane, McClane, McClaine, McClean, MacClain, MacLaine, MacLean, MacLene, McClean, McCleane, McLeane, Macklin, McLin, Maclin • Anyone who can demonstrate descent from a MacLean/MacLaine ancestor, or has good reason to believe that they are descended from a MacLean or MacLaine. • Anyone with the surname of one of the septs of the Scottish clans Maclean of Duart or MacLaine of Lochbuie. These are currently acknowledged as being : Auchaneson, Beath, Beaton, Black, Clanachan, Dowart, Dowie, Duart, Duie, Garvie, Gillan, Gillon, Gilzean, Hoey, Huie, Lane, Lean, Leitch, MacBeath, MacBeth, MacBheath, MacCormick, MacEachan, Machadin, MacFadyen, Macfadzean, Macfergan, Macgeachan, MacGilvra, Macildowie, Macilduy, Macilvera, Macilvora, MacLergain, Maclergan, MacPhaiden, MacRankin, MacVeagh, MacVey, Paden, Patten, Rankin and Rankine. Please note that many of these surnames have FTDNA surname projects of their own and several have other origins in addition to being a sept of our clans. • Anyone who has taken a detailed Y-DNA test which shows through matches and haplogroup membership that their Y-DNA closely resembles that of significant groups of existing MacLean/MacLaine project members. Note that because the project is hosted by Family Tree DNA we require all new members to have an FTDNA kit number otherwise we have no way of recording their details. Kit numbers will be provided by FTDNA when a test kit of any sort is ordered from them for the first time. Alternatively, if autosomal tests have already been undertaken with AncestryDNA, 23&Me or MyHeritage then a FREE autosomal transfer of the results to FTDNA Family Finder can be ordered and this will also provide a kit number to allow this project to be joined. Click on the ‘Background’ tab above to find out more about the history of our surname and the different types of test available. If you would like to apply to join our project click on JOIN above or if you have any questions please email the project administrators at