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About us

Welcome to the MacLean/MacLaine Y-DNA Surname Project which has the objective of using DNA testing to help project members to identify where their ancestors originated and to put them in touch with others whose DNA profile matches them most closely. We have a team of volunteer administrators who can provide guidance on the interpretation of DNA test results and recommendations for further testing. We also look across the results of all project members to discover which DNA profiles are most typical of MacLeans etc and to then try to link that in to accepted clan history and conventional genealogy. The project is open to : - anyone who has our surname in any of its spelling variations, or any of the recognised clan septs; - to have proven ancestors with our surname - or to have close STR or SNP matches with proven McLeans following Y-DNA testing The clans' ancestral lands are in the Western Isles of Scotland and nearby parts of the Scottish mainland but clan members ended up in all parts of the world. Our research also shows that not all Macleans/Maclaines have lineage to the highland clans. The clan's surname MacGille-Eoin references their patronymic "Servant of Saint John" but historically, Gille-Eoin was also a given name which meant "John's lad" or "John's boy" and this surname could have arisen anywhere in Scotland & Ireland as surnames evolved. For all the different people who call themselves Maclean or any of its different variants we hope to help them establish their origins by moving beyond clan folklore and using scientific DNA comparison, studies of different haplogroups and subclades, but based on a firm understanding of celtic kinship and Scottish history. For new enquiries concerning the Project, the technologies deployed and expectations on what you may accomplish, please direct enquiries to our Administration team on Click on 'Background' above for more information about the project.