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About us

The Barclay Surname Project at Family Tree DNA endeavors to connect Barclays around the world and help inform our history, both distant and recent. Anyone of Barclay descent may join the project, but it is specifically designed as a Surname/Y-DNA (male lineage) project. We always welcome new members and encourage men of Barclay descent to test at least 37 markers. 
Project Goals:
Utilize Y-DNA results of confirmed descendants of various houses and documentary evidence to establish an historic structure of the evolution of the houses of Clan Barclay.
Add Y-DNA results of probable descendants of various houses in combination with examination of documentary evidence to enhance historic understanding and to inform the overall structure of the evolution of the houses of Clan Barclay.
Use Y-DNA results to place ungrouped people and people unsure of their ancestry as descendants of various houses and apply documentary evidence to assist in the understanding of their personal family trees.
Employ autosomal and mitochondrial DNA results to supplement findings.
Discover haplogroups and ancient migration patterns of our participants.