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About us

Welcome to the Clan MacThomas DNA Project.   
Recent developments in DNA technology allow family relationships to be explored using family tree structures which are built out of genetic information. Also DNA is another source that can be helpful in undertaking standard family history research.
These recent advances, coupled with interest by a small group of Clan MacThomas Society members, offer excellent opportunities for descendants of clansfolk in the following ways:

  •  Identify whether or not your Clan MacThomas sept surname lineage is descended from one of the septs of the Clan MacThomas.
  •  Possible connection to other MacThomas clansfolk around the world who are shown to be closely related for pooling genealogical information.
  •  Provide a forum for the exchange of information about the use of DNA for genealogical purposes.

In September 2018 the Council of the Clan MacThomas Society approved the formation of the MacThomas DNA Group (members only). Council also approved the establishment of this Clan MacThomas group.