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Some Project Success Stories and Results:For data, analysis and comments see this PDF formatted YDNA testing results table:YDNA Test Results Table - sorted by the line's birth order, if known. Some Success Stories: In early 2007 the results for the first two Christmans tested as part of this orginial project via FamilyTreeDNA, kits 77721 and 86250, showed a close match as was expected given their previously determined paper trail relationship to a Daniel S. Christman, born 1816 in Berks County PA. My best surmise as to the explanation for the two differences is that both males Y chromosome lines have mutated one marker away from the ancestral haplotype during the last roughly 200 years. Kit 77721 mutated at DYS464, adding an extra copy of DYS464, and kit 86250 mutated at marker DYS458, going from a 16 to a 17. Subsequent YDNA testing via this project by kits 91853 and 93844, who were known descendants of Jacob Christman, born c1711, and testing a descendant of Michael Christman, born 1726, kit number 97567, proved that my paper trail research for these two males was correct and that kit 77721 and his cousin 86250 were descended from Jacob Christman, born c1711, last of Lehigh County, PA, and were not descended from Michael Christman, born 1726, last of Berks County PA, as Mr. Christman (kit 77721) believed when he contacted me in April 2006 seeking help with his newly started genealogy research after finding me online via my Christman traditional genealogy research web pages. Such is the power of genetic genealogy YDNA testing, i.e., to prove two male lines are or are not related on the direct male line. In this case knowing the two immigrant lines are not related will allow people to focus on the correct immigrant to find missing paper trails. YDNA testing can also help Christmans who do not know their line at all. By taking a YDNA test and if they match a previously tested line, they will know which immigrant line they belong to. YDNA testing can also show that immigrant lines not previously thought to be related are related. Further YDNA test results analysis of additional male lines in 2007 and early 2008 indicates that the immigrant lines of Jacob Christman of Lehigh Co PA, born c1711, is not related to the immigrant line of Jacob Christman of the Carolinas, born 1720, nor the immigrant line of Jacob Christman of Virgina, born 1706. Surprisingly we learned via the first test results for a known descendant of the Jacob Christman of Virginia, born 1706 line, that this line matched the line of Michael Christman of Berks Co PA, born 1726. Further enhanced testing is in process to determine more fully the tightness of the match of these two previously thought to be unrelated lines. Additional testing in both lines will also have to be done to validate this new match. See the YDNA Test Data Analysis Table for more details. More Information about this project see the:Christman Genetic Genealogy YDNA ProjectLink to Webpage with Basic Information about Haplogroups
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