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LH Gibbs LH Gibbs has a question!
November 30 @ 1:25am
Hi! I did the basic FTDNA test. Do I need something more to participate in this group? I've tested with 23&Me & have uploaded my info to WeGene as well. I'm int'l adopted and have no birth parent info except that I was adopted from ShanXi. 23&Me gives a lot better breakdown.
Ko-chin  克 勤 Chang  張 Ko-chin 克 勤 Chang 張 has a question!
November 21 @ 11:05am
On Family Tree DNA site I have Autosomal results and also YDNA and MtDNA test results. In my matches I only have autosomal matches and none of them match YDNA or MtDNA results. I even have one X-match that doesn't have MTDNA matches. Does this mean none of them are really directly related to me? How is this possible?
Mike Sastrosudharmo
November 24 @ 4:01am
That kind of situation is not impossible. Y-DNA or mtDNA only trace one line on your ancestry. So in 7 generations above you have 128 ancestors (64 males and 64 females), the Y-DNA only trace to one of those male ancestors and mtDNA only trace to one of those female ancestors. Autosomal DNA trace to all relatives who came from those all ancestors. Of course within some limitation. More than 7 generations the autosomal matching algorithm is not really convincing. So some of your autosomal matches maybe are genuine matches but they just didn't share ancestors with you through the 2 people that you got mtDNA and Y-DNA from. They maybe connect to you from the other 126 ancestors.
Herbert Holeman Herbert Holeman has a question!
May 24, 2017 @ 2:44pm
Anyone know where I can find information on the net for markers, O-F871 and O-F1903? My Markers: O-M175->M122->P164->F871-F1903 Haplogroup: O2a2b2a2 Herb Email:
Owen Lu
May 31, 2017 @ 10:43pm
You likely belong to haplogroup O2a2b2a2b AM01847/B451, AM01761/SK1787, AM01781/S18967/SK1786, AM01798/SK1788 do your paternal have Philippine ancestry?
Herbert Holeman
June 6, 2017 @ 10:12pm
Thanks for asking, but not that I know of.
Herbert Holeman
September 5 @ 10:30pm
Took the BigY and my most recent terminal marker is O-A16427, which is O2a2b2a2bc according to ISOGG 2018. YFull shows my terminal marker as
Herbert Holeman
September 5 @ 10:31pm
O2a2b2a2b A16139, which is an equivalent marker.
David Wrate David Wrate has a question!
August 7 @ 5:10pm
Dropping in here in to gather some insights about how I can try to build my family tree on my dad's side. When my Ancestry results came back I discovered that I'm basically 50/50 Anglosaxon and Chinese. My challenge is that I want to build my family tree on my paternal side but because I'm an NPE I have no idea who my father is and no one else does either. I'd sure appreciate help from anyone.
Herbert Holeman
August 11 @ 5:38pm
Interesting as I too am a Y-NPE and a Eurasian with 49% Southeast Asian, but according to Wegene Taiwanese/Southern Han.
Ruth  Austin (c/o Alisa Austin) Ruth Austin (c/o Alisa Austin) has a question!
July 25, 2016 @ 12:05am
I joined the group because my mother, late Ruth Austin, scored 3rd (actually tied with 2nd) on her DNATribes test for Miao of Guangxi, China. I dont' know if my mystery great-great grandfather came over during the Taiping Rebellion or if he was descended from one of Zheng He explorer's crew. Are there reliable Chinese DNA testing companies? Maybe I can narrow it down if I have third or fourth cousins. Thanks.
Mikhail Sastrosudharmo
August 26, 2017 @ 6:47am
Mikhail Sastrosudharmo
December 14, 2017 @ 1:26pm
David Wrate
August 7 @ 4:50pm
Has anyone figured how to register on 23Mofang?
David Wrate
August 7 @ 4:55pm
As an aide it doesn't appear that genealogy is a feature of any of the Chinese-based DNA sites. That's too bad as that's my specific interest.
Charlotte Somsri Persson Charlotte Somsri Persson
January 6, 2018 @ 8:32pm
UPPDATED MAY 2018: Hello! I Will introduce myself. My name is Charlotte but I was born in Bangkok 1975. My name was then Somsri Suwanmaneekul. (According to My papers mothers familyname Kunukul). I was abandonned at hospital and adopted to Sweden. Today - exactly 4 years ago - the 7/1 2014 i started to search for My relatives. -kul is a chinese end of names I have learnt. I have after long search and 16 return trips to Thailand and many dna test learnt that My relatives name is Suwanmaneekul. I tracked some of my relatives to Chiang Rai. They have roots in Sipsongpanna in Yunnan province in china and also in Nakhon Sakhon province, before that Vietnam. I dont know who is my father or mother. All I know is: My mtdna is R9b1a2b. (Updated!) Anyone Else with R9b group? Or from that region? please comment.
Thunchanok Senivongse
May 13 @ 4:30am
She is R9b1a2b
Charlotte Somsri Persson
May 16 @ 9:21pm
Yes, thats correct Thunchanok. Thankyou!
Thunchanok Senivongse
May 24 @ 8:52am
Your welcome.
Gang Liu
June 4 @ 7:27pm
Branch: R9 Age: 47,200 ± 12,350 Years Ago Location of Origin: Southeast Asia This woman belonged to a group of coastal travelers who settled much of Southeast Asia. Thus, this lineage is most common in Indonesia and Malaysia. However, some from this group continued along the coast of mainland East Asia and then migrated inland to settle much of modern China.
Halil Mahmud Halil Mahmud
May 11 @ 10:04am
Hi, I recently found out that FTDNA had refined the resolution of my Y-haplogroup from O-F18 to O-F646. I was wondering if there's any information about the more specific category of O-F646, since it seems to be fairly recently added, so it's hard to find anything on Google that mentions it.
Mikhail Sastrosudharmo
May 13 @ 1:42am
Halil Mahmud
May 22 @ 11:18am
Thank you, though I was wondering more if there are any articles or thorough investigations into the category. It's hard for me to pinpoint due to probable uncertainty in DNA autosomal ancestry assessments of companies. For instance, MyHeritage is the only company that has population specific estimates, and for both me and my brother we are shown somewhere between 1-2% Japanese and 1-2% Inuit ancestry each, but no Chinese or Mongol ancestry, even though the company does have those specific population categories. Yfull seems to link my paternal haplogroup to Han Chinese regions though. But rather than Chinese, MyHeritage makes Japanese ancestry estimates for me and my brother. Difficult to make any sense of it since we are Turks from Bulgaria. Our paternal great great grandfather came from Central Turkey during the 19th century. And as far as we know, our forefathers were all from either the Balkans or Anatolia for the past two centuries.
Trevor Goo Trevor Goo
February 26 @ 3:49pm
My name is Trevor and I'm from Hawaiʻi. My Y-DNA is O-M95 and mtDNA is F1c.
Trevor Goo
March 5 @ 12:30am
With Ancestry DNA I am 72% Southeast Asian and 28% Northeast Asian.
Grant Suherman
March 7 @ 5:39pm
You got your results from or FTDNA Family Finder My Origins 2,0?
Grant Suherman
March 7 @ 5:41pm
Do you got the results from or FTDNA Family Finder My Origins 2,0? My FF My Origins results are 70% Southeast Asian + 30% Northeast Asian. :-)
Trevor Goo
March 14 @ 10:08pm
I uploaded AncestryDNA.
Grant Suherman Grant Suherman has a question!
February 20, 2018 @ 12:38pm
My name is Grantrussel from Indonesia. My Y DNA belongs to Haplogroup O-CTS4960 / O2-M117. I don't know much about subbrances O-CTS4960. Can someone tell me about this Haplogroup?
Grant Suherman
February 25 @ 6:45pm
Thanks, M Sastrosudharmo. But my mtDNA belongs to Haplogroup M8a3a which my Cousins told when this Haplogroup are more common in Northeast Asia and Central Asia like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, East Siberian, etc. In fact my Great Grandmother were from Beijing. Dan you tell me about this?
Grant Suherman
February 25 @ 6:52pm
Oh, from my FTDNA FF MyOrigines 2,0 i have 70% Southeast Asian + 30% Northeast Asian. From my DNA Land, i have 70% Central Chinese + 30% Southeast Asian (20% Vietnamese, Chinese Dai and 10% Native Taiwanese - Amis People). And from MyHeritage, i have 98% Chinese and Vietnam + 2% Filipina, Malaysian and Indonesian.
Mikhail Sastrosudharmo
February 26 @ 9:51pm
Beijing is capital of China (modern and historical). So just like any capital in any civilization, many people from whole China came and settled there. So you can find any Haplogroup in Beijing. And about M8a3a, it's found among Central Asian and Northeast Asian.
Grant Suherman
March 7 @ 5:50pm
My Cousin's Father Mitocondrial DNA belongs to Haplogroup M7c1c3 / M7c3c. This is a Chinese Haplogroup? And based from FF My Origins 2,0 he have 76% Southeast Asian and 24% Northeast Asian.
Ang Kok Han Ang Kok Han
December 15, 2017 @ 8:29am
Hi guys, not too sure how to interpret my Y-37 results
Phillip Moon
December 15, 2017 @ 9:05am
Hello my friend. You can email me at and I may be able to help you out, as I had mine tested in June and the results came back in August. Then in November I had my Y-DNA 111 tested and I can tell you about that. Phil
Ang Kok Han
December 15, 2017 @ 6:34pm
just sent to you, thanks
Owen Lu
December 25, 2017 @ 9:37am
Hello Ang Kok Han, your Y haplogroup was predicted as F869 per your 37str: F869 is a subgroup under Page23, see isogg O tree: F869 has high frequency in south China.