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David Wrate David Wrate
January 7 @ 2:53pm
I'm back again. Still searching for my Chinese father. Through GEDMatch I have a number of matches that are 3.x generations back. They have all tested through 23Mofang so I know they are in China. Thus far I have had little success getting any replies from them. Only one person replied only to find out that our match was an error. :-( Because I don't speak or write Chinese I feel very limited in my ability to communicate with the matches who are in China. I'm feeling very defeated in my quest and don't know how I'm going to find any leads.
David Wrate
January 14 @ 6:00pm
Thank you Peng Zhnag. I have to admit that as a person completely unfamiliar with the language I feel a bit like a two-year old that's been given a science textbook!
Peng Zhang
January 15 @ 9:35am
no problem, David. There are over 1.5 billion people on earth who use Chinese language. You'll get more helping hands than you ever needed.
David Wrate
March 11 @ 5:38pm
I thought I'd drop in with an update. I have managed to connect with my half-sister and brother. My sister is taking a DNA to solidify the results. They gave me photos of him and the resemblance is striking. I've been in contact with other family members also and all seem very cool with the developments. I've also found 'our' father's record of immigration from 1949.
Peng Zhang
March 19 @ 11:29pm
Congrats, David! happy for you
Deborah Mumford Deborah Mumford has a question!
March 8 @ 10:06pm
My friend is looking for her birth parents. She was adopted and raised in the US so she doesn’t know where to start to search for them. I know she was born on March 13, 1993 as Zhuhua Ni in Niansanli and sent to the Yiwu Social Welfare Institute until she was adopted in 1996. I just realized AncestryDNA only sells its kits in the US, and I think she did that so I’m going to have her upload her DNA here, but until then does anyone know how to start looking for them. She doesn’t speak or read Chinese, but I need to search for her name in Chinese right? The English may not translate correctly
David Wrate
March 9 @ 10:46pm
@Deborah: I had a lot of help from folks on this forum:
Peh Marcus Peh Marcus has a question!
January 24 @ 11:12am
May i get some advice on which snp subclade i should test for? Thanks :)
Michael Douglas Woods-Yee Michael Douglas Woods-Yee has a question!
January 29, 2016 @ 12:13pm
I manage kits b54920 (Michael Yee, Jr) and 456549 (Michael Woods-Yee, III). They are father and son. They descend from Bing Nung Wong. Michael Yee' s father, Michael Yee, Sr, was born as Michael Douglas Wong 31 December 1944 in San Francisco, California. His mother remarried in 1952 to Frank Thomas Yee. Frank adopted him, thus changing his name to Michael Douglas Yee. We do not know anything more about Bing Nung Wong for certain. I did a search on the internet for his name and found this, though I do not know if it is him: Any ideas how I could find out more about this smuggling case? On ancestry it gives me suggestions about a Bing Nung Wong that was born about 1912 in China being on a the ship President McKinley departing from Hong Kong, China with his father, Jon Toy Wong in 1930 headed for San Francisco, California. But I have no proof that is the same guy. Kit 456549 will have the big y results coming in soon. Thank you for your help.
Mike Sastrosudharmo
May 27, 2016 @ 6:40am
You don't want to get more refine interpretation of your Big Y data ? I mean from 3rd party like or FGC.
Mike Sastrosudharmo
May 27, 2016 @ 6:41am
Mike Sastrosudharmo
May 27, 2016 @ 6:41am
Bay Seng
December 26 @ 11:35pm
I think I should move on to other company because Family DNa results dont give any kind of useful information. Maybe they only collecting info from us for their own use only.
Ang Kok Han Ang Kok Han
December 15, 2017 @ 8:29am
Hi guys, not too sure how to interpret my Y-37 results
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Ang Kok Han
December 15, 2017 @ 6:34pm
just sent to you, thanks
Owen Lu
December 25, 2017 @ 9:37am
Hello Ang Kok Han, your Y haplogroup was predicted as F869 per your 37str: F869 is a subgroup under Page23, see isogg O tree: F869 has high frequency in south China.
Bay Seng
December 26 @ 11:31pm
From my DNA Land, i have 70% Central Chinese + 30% Southeast Asian (20% Vietnamese, Chinese Dai and 10% Native Taiwanese - Amis People). And from MyHeritage, i have 98% Chinese and Vietnam + 2% Filipina, Malaysian and Indonesian. Grant Suherman how did you can this much details from your results? Cause mine not much details given in result at all. did not even give me my subclade.
Bay Seng
December 26 @ 11:32pm
Seems like FTDNA not much use testing cause got no info after even paying alot of money
Ko-chin  克 勤 Chang  張 Ko-chin 克 勤 Chang 張 has a question!
May 22, 2015 @ 1:20pm
FamilyTree DNA is still trying to figure out my Haplogroup. So how come it is listed in the chart as O1b1a2a1? I ran those STR values through one of the recomended tools websites but it said I was 50% O and 50% Q. Where does the O1b1a2a1 come from?
Owen Lu
May 29, 2015 @ 5:19pm
F779 is one of the upstreams SNPs, and the equal or downstream SNPs are around 60. Every node in tree usually have many SNPs, not just one SNP, and big Y not only put you in the known node, also discover new branch, if others share novel SNPs with you, you will become new branches. previous big Y also contain near full mtDNA info, FTDNA removed recently. F779 is at low percentage but widely distributed in Han Chinese, especially Northern China, and neighboring nation, more common than his brother branch F777.
Ko-chin 克 勤 Chang 張
June 22, 2015 @ 9:17am
I asked my father about where his father's family came from, and he told me they were Cantonese.
Ying Zheng
January 29, 2016 @ 10:52am
Mao Zedong's grandson never tested his Y DNA, so you can just ignore that.
Ko-chin 克 勤 Chang 張
December 19 @ 12:36pm
So I finally broke down and took the Big-Y test and Indeed I tested positive for F779. So does this mean I'm definitely descended from Cao Cao or am I just related to the Paternal line of Cao Cao? There are speculations that Cao Cao was descended from Yu the Great and the Yellow Emperor. The Chang family name is from the Emperor's Grandson Hui who was given the name because he invented the bow. Maybe I'm really descended from Hui?
LH Gibbs LH Gibbs has a question!
November 30 @ 1:25am
Hi! I did the basic FTDNA test. Do I need something more to participate in this group? I've tested with 23&Me & have uploaded my info to WeGene as well. I'm int'l adopted and have no birth parent info except that I was adopted from ShanXi. 23&Me gives a lot better breakdown.
Ko-chin  克 勤 Chang  張 Ko-chin 克 勤 Chang 張 has a question!
November 21 @ 11:05am
On Family Tree DNA site I have Autosomal results and also YDNA and MtDNA test results. In my matches I only have autosomal matches and none of them match YDNA or MtDNA results. I even have one X-match that doesn't have MTDNA matches. Does this mean none of them are really directly related to me? How is this possible?
Mike Sastrosudharmo
November 24 @ 4:01am
That kind of situation is not impossible. Y-DNA or mtDNA only trace one line on your ancestry. So in 7 generations above you have 128 ancestors (64 males and 64 females), the Y-DNA only trace to one of those male ancestors and mtDNA only trace to one of those female ancestors. Autosomal DNA trace to all relatives who came from those all ancestors. Of course within some limitation. More than 7 generations the autosomal matching algorithm is not really convincing. So some of your autosomal matches maybe are genuine matches but they just didn't share ancestors with you through the 2 people that you got mtDNA and Y-DNA from. They maybe connect to you from the other 126 ancestors.
Herbert Holeman Herbert Holeman has a question!
May 24, 2017 @ 2:44pm
Anyone know where I can find information on the net for markers, O-F871 and O-F1903? My Markers: O-M175->M122->P164->F871-F1903 Haplogroup: O2a2b2a2 Herb Email:
Owen Lu
May 31, 2017 @ 10:43pm
You likely belong to haplogroup O2a2b2a2b AM01847/B451, AM01761/SK1787, AM01781/S18967/SK1786, AM01798/SK1788 do your paternal have Philippine ancestry?
Herbert Holeman
June 6, 2017 @ 10:12pm
Thanks for asking, but not that I know of.
Herbert Holeman
September 5 @ 10:30pm
Took the BigY and my most recent terminal marker is O-A16427, which is O2a2b2a2bc according to ISOGG 2018. YFull shows my terminal marker as
Herbert Holeman
September 5 @ 10:31pm
O2a2b2a2b A16139, which is an equivalent marker.
David Wrate David Wrate has a question!
August 7 @ 5:10pm
Dropping in here in to gather some insights about how I can try to build my family tree on my dad's side. When my Ancestry results came back I discovered that I'm basically 50/50 Anglosaxon and Chinese. My challenge is that I want to build my family tree on my paternal side but because I'm an NPE I have no idea who my father is and no one else does either. I'd sure appreciate help from anyone.
Herbert Holeman
August 11 @ 5:38pm
Interesting as I too am a Y-NPE and a Eurasian with 49% Southeast Asian, but according to Wegene Taiwanese/Southern Han.