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About us

Welcome to the Mi'kmaq Tribe Families' DNA Project! The purpose of the DNA project is to define the yDNA haplogroups, mtDNA haplogroups, and autosomal genetic relationships of the Mi'kmaq Tribe for the Mi’kmaq Tribe Families' tree and to document our history and genealogy from past to present. The Mi’kmaq Tribe Families Tree is located at and under the links section of this web page. Please upload your AncestryDNA™, 23andMe©, or MyHeritage™ autosomal DNA data to FamilyTreeDNA and join the Chegau Mi’kmaq Family DNA project for free. The instructions to upload your DNA for free is under the links section of this web page. The Turtle Island Genealogy discussion group located under Discussion on the links page is a closed Facebook group created for people of Turtle Island ancestry that are researching their family and tribal genealogy. Please request to join through Facebook if you would like to participate in the group discussion. All financial donations to the project will be used to fund participants that do not have the financial ability to pay for a DNA test or to test a descendant of an un-named ancestor on the tree to determine their DNA haplogroup and/or their relationship to other lineages on the tree for research purposes. Thank you for your participation!