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The Chegau Mi’kmaq Family, Mi’kmaq Tribe DNA project is a private project. Only participants that have joined the DNA project can view the DNA results, the activity feed, and the photographs on the DNA project site. The Mi’kmaq Genealogy Families’ tree is private. Member access to the tree is provided to people of Mi’kmaq ancestry with a genealogically proven relationship to the original Tribe. The information on the tree is not shared with any outside person or organization other than people of Mi’kmaq ancestry that have member access to the tree. The Turtle Island Genealogy discussion group located under Discussion on the links page is a private Facebook group created for people of Turtle Island ancestry that are researching their family and tribal genealogy. Please request to join through Facebook if you would like to participate in the group discussion. Several Mi’kmaq families can confirm their Mi’kmaq family genealogy to a time in history that pre-dates Mi'kmaq contact with Europeans. Mi’kmaq Tribe proven DNA haplogroups are thousands of years old. Many modern-day Mi’kmaq family lineages descend from these proven MTDNA and YDNA ancestral haplogroups and/or share autosomal DNA with these proven lineages. • Un-named female Chegneau, mtDNA A2f1a • Anne Marie, mtDNA A2f1a • Un-named female Doucet, mtDNA A2f1a • Germain Doucet, yDNAC3b • Marie Jeanne Henry, mtDNA X2a2 • Marie Anne Aneschcumo, C1c • Un-named wife of Philippe Mius d’Entremont, mtDNA A2 • Jeanne Aime Mahis, mtDNA A2-C64T • Marie Therese, mtDNA B2c • Marie, Wife of Philippe Mius d’Entremont, mtDNA X2a2 • Marie Christine Aubois, mtDNA A2 • Marguerite LeBreton, mtDNA D1 • Francoise Rousseau, mtDNA A2 • Wife of Mi’kmaq, Paul Chegau, mtDNA B4’5 • James Andrew Savoy, yDNA C-P39+ C-BY22870 You can Upload your AncestryDNA™, 23andMe©, or MyHeritage™ autosomal DNA data to FamilyTreeDNA and join the Chegau Mi’kmaq Family DNA project for free. All financial donations to the project will be used to fund participants that do not have the financial ability to pay for a DNA test or to test a descendant of an un-named ancestor on the tree to determine their DNA haplogroup and/or their relationship to other lineages on the tree for research purposes. Members of the Mi’kmaq Tribe are the descendants of the L’nuk (the people) of the Mi’kmaq Tribe (our kin relations) born in Mi’kma’ki (the land of our people) speakers of Mi’kmaw (our official language) in Mi’kma’kik (the territory of our people). When you join the Chegau Mi’kmaq Family DNA project, and you add your family lineage to the Mi’kmaq Genealogy tribal tree you contribute to the genetic history and genealogy of the Mi’kmaq Tribe.