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Chegau Mi'kmaq Family

DNA Project Including all Related Mi'kmaq DNA Lineages
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About us

The Chegau (Chegneau) family is one of the founding families of the Mi’kmaq Tribe. The Chegau family has kinship relationships to many other founding lineages of the Mi’kmaq Tribe including: 1476 to 1800 1476, kji’saqmaw Membertou 1573, Unknown Female Chegneau, mtDNA A2f1a 1630, Anne Marie, mtDNA A2f1a 1634, Unknown Female Doucet, mtDNA A2f1a 1641, Germain Doucet, yDNAC3b 1648, Germaine Chegoueo 1650, Anne Parabego 1655, Marie Jeanne Henry, mtDNA X2a2 1660, Marie Anne Aneschcumo, C1c 1660, Unknown wife (Kjipuktuk) of Philippe Mius d’Entremont, mtDNA A2 1661, Marie Jeanne Kagijonias 1663, Jeanne Aime Mahis, mtDNA A2-C64T 1663, Paul Cope 1668, Marie Therese, mtDNA B2c 1670, Marie, Wife of Philippe Mius d’Entremont, mtDNA X2a2 1665, Marie Christine Aubois, mtDNA A2 1689, Jean Baptiste 1700, Peter Joe 1704, Johannis Detchevery 1715, Marguerite LeBreton, mtDNA D1 1720, Francoise Rousseau, mtDNA A2 1727, Wife of Paul Chegau, mtDNA B4’5 1730, Louis Judge Peminuit dit Paul 1753, Old Man Matthews 1797, Labrador 1800 to 1867 1800, Peter Jeddore 1800, Peter Toney 1804, Paul (Poll) Christmas 1813, Alex 1813, Joseph Marshall 1820, Morris 1820, Peter Sack (Sach, Saac) 1821, Nicolas 1824, Peter Wilmot 1829, Noel 1830, Michael 1830, Peck 1831, Johnson 1836, Cremo 1836, Gould (Doiron) 1841, Nevin 1843, Sanipass 1849, Knockwood 1851, Dedam 1851, Poulette 1856, Augustine 1858, Morrison 1861, Sylliboy 1862, Basque 1862, Beadle Genetic genealogy provides a way to identify and document the history of the families of the Mi’kmaq Tribe by testing autosomal DNA to determine an individual’s relationship to the Mi’kmaq Tribe for five generations and beyond. Five generations for a person born in 1942 identifies your genetic relationships to about 1774 and beyond. Testing of one’s mtDNA and yDNA will determine if an individual’s direct female and male lineage is a match to the mtDNA and yDNA ancestral haplogroups of the Mi’kmaq Tribe. All people of Mi’kmaq ancestry are welcome to join the Chegau Mi'kmaq Family DNA project and the Mi’kmaq Nation Genealogy family tree. All my relations, Donna.