Chegau Mi'kmaq Family

of the L'nu, Mi'kmaq Tribe
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About us

The Chegau family descends from a historical Mi’kmaq population of the Mi’kmaq Tribe. Ancestors of the Chegau family experienced first contact with visitors to the Americas as early as 1000 years AD. From 1100 BC to 1761, the Chegau family intermarried with a variety of peoples of other cultures, languages and nations. By the 1700s it is estimated that the Mi’kmaq population was reduced to about 2000 people, creating a genetic bottle-neck population, that the Mi’kmaq Tribe descends from today. DNA testing provides a way to determine if you are related to the Chegau family and to the Mi’kmaq tribe, if your DNA is a genetic match to the Chegau family and the Mi’kmaq tribe. New participants can join the project by testing your DNA with Family Tree DNA or by transferring your DNA results to Family Tree DNA (for free) from AncestryDNA, 23andMe or MyHeritage. To transfer DNA, go to to upload your DNA results to Family Tree DNA. The new website, and the Turtle Island Genealogy Facebook group is to provide project and family tree updates, and indigenous genealogy, information and resources. Guest access to the family trees and Facebook group are provided to participants of the Chegau Mi’kmaq Family DNA project, and by request to descendants of the Chegau family and the Mi’kmaq Tribe. All people with suspected Mi'kmaq ancestry are welcome to join the project.