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The objectives of the Chamberlain (all variant spellings) surname project are:<br>1) to identify different ancestral lines found among Chamberlain families throughout the world.<br>2) to trace known Chamberlain lineages to common ancestors in Great Britain and continental Europe.<br>3) to assist researchers in identifying their  Chamberlain line or related lines of interest<br><br>Participants in this study explore their male (Y chromosome) lines using the Big Y test for SNP (Haplogroup) identification and distant ancestry, or using STR tests such as the Y37 (basic) or Y111 (upgrade) Marker to discover genetic matches among males bearing the birth surname or potentially other surnames.  Other participants use autosomal DNA testing, including FTDNA Family Finder, to find matches on any of their ancestral lines, often in conjunction with Y testing.  Some participants take the female line,  mitochondrial DNA, test to learn about distant ancestry and occasionally confirm close maternal relationships.

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