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About us

Y Chromosome DNA testing cannot determine precisely the origin of our ancestors. However, certain genetic markers on the Y chromosome are more common in certain regions of the world than others thereby creating a lesser or greater probability that our ancestors are say Native American, Asian, Melungeon, or perhaps Scottish.

Our project was started on March 4, 2004. The DNA markers tested in this project are 25, 37, or 64 specific markers on the Y chromosome that are passed from father to son. If you are a female interested in joining this project, please enlist the participation of your father, brother, uncle or male cousin who is a Caudill.

We have 28 Members as of July 2008.

We've demonstrated the genetic relatedness between (1)Benjamin CAUDELL of Georgia; the Kentucky CAUDILL's, (James Caudill Jr. + Stephen A. Caudill), the Kentucky CORDLE's (Grandpa Billy clan), the North Carolina CAUDILL's (Jesse P. Caudill + Jeremiah Caudill); Jeremiah CORDLE of Tazewell, Virginia; Absalom Caudle (Anson County, NC); and more.

Although the American origins of our surname are from the south (Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky), participation in this project is open to all Caudill's including those with variant spellings. If you are interested in joining our group, please contact our Group Administrator for additional information.