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Castledermot DNA Connections - Project Goals

The purpose of this project Castledermot DNA Connections is to build a comprehensive picture of familial relationships with connections to the village and parish of Castledermot and Moone Co. Kildare Ireland. The project goals are more fully explained after the project logo below which tries to summarise the reasons this DNA project was launched.

Castledermot DNA Connections Project Logo - Summary and Explanation

* For the purposes of this project Castledermot incorporates all of Castledermot RC and COI parishes including Ballaghmoon, Dunmanoge, Grangenolvin, Grangerosnolvin, Graney, Kilkea, Levitstown, Maganey, Moone, Narraghmore, Timolin and surrounding areas. Historically Moone was part of Castledermot RC parish so those who have ancestral connections with Moone may find that these records are available in Castledermot.

The project logo above aims to explain the purpose of this Castledermot DNA Connections project. 

How we relate to each other and previously known family relationships have for many families been lost through the generations. However, utilising the power of DNA testing, combined with research and collation of old and disparate record sets, new insights are allowing the reconstruction of family trees that a number of years ago would have been considered impossible. 

Modern atDNA yDNA and mtDNA testing has the power to untangle family branches, reconnect distant cousins and most importantly when viewed with very old records especially those at the beginning of Irish record keeping in the mid to late 1700s should help to solve many family tree brick walls. 

DNA testing has the power to assist in working out which record in fact belongs to your family through both the confirmation and elimination of matches involving a number of analytical processes. This goal however becomes much more likely to be fulfilled where there is a large concentration of DNA testing in the same location and therefore the primary purpose and goal of this Castledermot DNA Connections project is to do precisely that; "to bring together into one place, as many DNA tests as possible from people with Castledermot connections, so as to break down brick walls and in doing so untangle and solve hitherto difficult and complex family connections".

The project logo above was developed to summarise and encapsulate the aims, ambitions and goals of this project.

The logo represents Castledermot village and parish reaching out from its centre;

  • The world at the top represents Castledermot reaching out worldwide to anybody with a DNA test and Castledermot connection and inviting them to join this project and in doing so collectively helping to solve complex family connections and in doing so break down brick walls.

  • The graph represents research and analysis undertaken to assist project members solve their family tree questions.

  • The double helix represents DNA results, central to the successful outcome of this research project.

  • The notepad and pen represents the accurate recording of findings to benefit future generations.

  • The acorn represents small beginnings and from this large family trees will develop and grow.

  • Like the world, Castledermot also reaches out across Ireland to anybody with a connection to Castledermot.

  • The image of the old records represents the fact that DNA alone will not answer all of our questions and that it is through a conbination of DNA tests and a thorough examination of historical records that will to solve our family ancestry puzzles.

  • Finally and most importantly, the ? symbol represents the unknown and how this project may help you find your family roots in Castledermot parish or surrounding localities. If you have a match with someone known to have proven connections to Castledermot or a significant DNA match with someone already a member of this project you will be most welcome to join this project and hopefully it may lead to the success of finding your ancestral lines. This is especially true for many people from around the world who through many generations and in the midst of time have lost their connection with this beautiful corner of Ireland. Hopefully you will be reconnected with your ancestral family origins through Castledermot DNA connections.

I hope the goals of this Castledermot DNA Connections project are of interest to you and that you will consider joining and helping contribute to unearthing the ancestral origins of an Irish Village.

Martin Hayden - Project Administrator August 2018

Creative Commons Licence  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.