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About us

The purpose of the Carson Surname Project is to provide a public forum to support the genealogical research and interests of members with Carson (and related spellings of the surname) in their ancestries, a public site where members share and compare their DNA test results, ancestry information and family trees with other members who join this public project. The project is not intended for medical or any related purpose. 

By joining the project, you agree that your Y-DNA haplogroup, STR and SNP results and early ancestor information will be visible to project members.  Our project is set so Mitochondrial DNA test results are only visible to project members.  Autosomal DNA results are not visible to the public.

Project members are expected to post earliest known ancestry information that has been verified through historical records. Project administrators may edit or remove information that lacks historical verification or is based upon speculative family trees posted by others. This is to avoid others from adopting what may erroneous information.