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A Carpenter One Name Study - All DNA testing
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About us

This is the ALL Carpenter DNA Project (Carpenter-1-Name) for those testing with atDNA (Family FInder), mtDNA and other DNA tests at FTDNA.

It is part of the Carpenter Cousins Project which is a global One Name Study. The primary surname in the project is Carpenter with the variants Carpender, Carpentier, and Charpentier.

To account for immigrants to North America, who may have anglicized their surnames, the project also includes the surnames Cymerman, Sherbondy, Zimmer, Zimmerman, Zimmermann. For example, Zimmerman(n) is old German for worker of wood, and in North American, on occasion, the surname was changed to Carpenter.

This Carpenter-1-Name DNA project is for ALL male and female Carpenter DNA testers at FTDNA. Y-DNA testers can join this group in addition to the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA (surname) Project. THIS Project accepts ALL Carpenter DNA tests at FTDNA.

NOTE: The brother project, the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project ONLY takes Y-DNA from biological male Carpenters and does not track other types of DNA tests.

The Carpenter Cousins Project (independent of FTDNA) is the genealogical and research support page. There is good information and links of how to join the two different email discussion forums. See: http://carpentercousins.com

JOINING one or both the email discussion forums is recommended!

There is a GUILD OF ONE NAME STUDIES - CARPENTER STUDY. See: https://one-name.org/Results/Carpenter
See: also: https://one-name-org