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About us

In 2013, three gentlemen appeared as genetic matches during Y-DNA testing.  At the 67 marker level, these three men are related with a genetic distance of only “1”. Wives and a daughter of these men began working together with the goal of finding the connections. This DNA surname project was started in January 2014 as part of that effort.

There are MANY spellings connected to this family including Kerbaugh, Carbaugh, Kerbough, Carbough, Kirbaugh,Kirbough, Carbach, Körbach, Kirbach, Kerbach, Koerbach, Keerbach, Gerbach and more.  All of these spellings have been found in various documents…sometimes more than one spelling in the same document! We invite all of the various lines of this family to join the Carbaugh-Kerbaugh Family Project, both males and females. All spelling variations are welcome.