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Cape Dutch / Kaaps-Hollands

Cape of Good Hope founding families
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About us

An aim of this project is to identify the different DNA profiles of the Afrikaner Stamvaders who migrated to the Cape of Good Hope during the period of the Dutch VOC rule from 1652 to 1806. As a basis for this project I concentrate on the male line descendants of the Families listed in Geslacht-Register der Oude Kaapsche Familiën by CC de Villiers (1893). If you are a descendant of one of those men, either by name or a DNA match to someone who is, please provide me with as much information about your direct male line descent as is possible. This would greatly assist in completing the different pieces of this exciting puzzle. 

This project would provide a better understanding of the dynamics at the early years at the Cape and support the extensive documented genealogies already in existence.

Among the specific questions that we wanted to see answered at the outset, include the following:

JONKER - Was Adolph Jonker the son of Indonesian slaves or a European immigrant?
VOSLOO - Were all the slave children who took the VOSLOO name the biological issue of Johannes VOSLOO?
STEYN - Was Jacobus STEIJN the biological son of Douw Gerbrandts STEYN? And was he perhaps a Jewish STEIN?
HARTOG - Was Abraham HERTZOG an Ashkenazi Jew?
SNYMAN - Was Christoffel SNIJMAN the son of Hans Christoffel SNIJMAN or Anthony Jansz DE LATER of Bengale?
VAN NIEKERK - From which NIEUWKERK / NIJKERCKEN town did Cornelis Gerritsz VAN NIJKERCKEN hail

The Project has since made progress regarding the ancestry of Adolph JONKER and published our findings through an article in the Familia genealogical publication. A synopsis was translated into English and published at:

We also have two members of the STEYN family matching one another in a non-Jewish European Haplotype. Jacobus STEYN therefore had an European father, even if Douw STEYN had not been the biological father. The search for a European connection continues.


Jaco Strauss
Group Administrator: Cape Dutch Y-DNA Stamvader Project