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About us

In various parts of South Africa (particularly in the Western Cape) searching for ancestral information has been nearly impossible. With very little recorded documentation of births and /or deaths the walls that separate the present from knowing the past seem at times too high to climb and to thick to penetrate. Until now.

Through DNA testing there is hope in finding that elusive ancestor or that uncertain tribal connection. What would otherwise take a lifetime to find through paper trails and public records, is now reachable with in a few short years by a simple test.

As your test results are returned, you will be faced with a series of what seems like meaningless markers and numbers and letters. We would not expect the average person to understand how to interpret this information thus we have set some goals and standards for this project so that it will be a meaningful experience for everyone involved. Our goals are:

1) Through the knowledge of our DNA experts - to help give direction and meaning when participants receive their DNA results.

2) To communicate and share our knowledge.

3) To see our project create a purpose other than just a curiosity.

4) To diminish the intimidation and uneasiness some may feel when DNA testing.

5) To connect with relatives who hold that other piece of our own puzzle.

6) To find others who hold the key to the common link to a region or area where our ancestors may have once lived.

7) To help provide articles, literature and other resources to further understand genetic genealogy.

8) To promote the importance of sharing and participating in projects such as ours.

9) To have a public database repository of mtDNA and yDNA results for the Cape Coloured community and other Coloured communities around South Africa.

10) To encourage participants to embrace their new found knowledge of their ancestry and begin the process of healing and moving forward.

The following are NOT our goals:

1) To use the results for the purpose of being divisive between cultural groups.

2) To determine tribal ancestry for any land or monetary gain.

3) To exclude any cultural group or person from testing.