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About us

Our surname of interest is Calkins. We are looking for additional participants. Individuals interested in collaborating on family history and using genetic testing to assist our research efforts are encouraged to join. Requirements: If you are a male with one of the above surnames and are interested in researching your direct paternal line further, you can participate. This group study is using the DNA test that looks at a portion of the DNA called the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is unique to males and can be used to identify one`s direct paternal line. For this reason, females cannot contribute directly, but can find a male relative (father, brother, cousin, etc) to be tested as a representative of her line.
By testing males bearing any variation of this surname, we are able to build a database of many different lineages, and to group them by their DNA thumbprints or 'signatures'. The more DNA signature groups that are formed, the better the foundation of comparison for all subsequent participants. It also works by process of elimination, since each set of results will either match an existing signature group, or not (in which case it will be representative of a whole new family group).
No matter where on earth your ancestor might have hailed from or what the spelling variation, all are invited to participate. Whether you've exhausted traditional avenues of research and wish to break down that brick wall through scientific means, or already are part of a well-established ancestry and wish to help "lost" branches find their own place, your participation will be an invaluable contribution toward the larger goal of family reconstruction.