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About us

This project used to be hosted by World Families.  However with its closure in late May 2018, the project is now hosted by FamilyTreeDNA.

The administration of it began in earnest in October 2018

Butler Genealogy

The Butlers are allegedly of Irish descent. They are believed to come from the Kilkenny area.  However, the documentation for that is not the best.  Then again, within the Butler project, there are a number of people who believe that their ancestors hail from Ireland.  Here are a few records from Kilkenny   https://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/churchrecords/search.jsp?namefm=&namel=Butler&location=Kilkenny&yyfrom=&yyto=&submit=Search

There are also a number of pedigrees in the About>Results tab of the project   https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/butlerdna/about/results

Notice many are also from the Southern parts of England.

File:County Kilkenny Map Ireland.jpg

Deep Roots of the Butlers and Family Lore

It is generally considered the name of Butler is of a Norman French descent.  Apparently the Butler name came from the fact that they were wine tasters. According to Ancestry.com:

Butler Name Meaning

English and Irish: from a word that originally denoted a wine steward, usually the chief servant of a medieval household, from Norman French butuiller (Old French bouteillier, Latin buticularius, from buticula ‘bottle’). In the large households of royalty and the most powerful nobility, the title came to denote an officer of high rank and responsibility, only nominally concerned with the supply of wine, if at all.

Butler DNA

The YDNA results show a number of families, mostly from the R1b Haplogroup  https://www.familytreedna.com/public/butlerdna?iframe=ycolorized

and once you get there, scroll down to find all the genetic families.  Sadly, many of the testers do not state the geographical area from whence their ancestors came, but information behind the scenes designates Ireland.