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Philip Busey Philip Busey
April 16, 2017 @ 11:43am
Greetings! I just joined and my DNA kit has been ordered. In this photo, probably in Alaska about 1942, on the right is my father's father, who I never knew, Marion Lester "Les" Busey (b. 12/12/1878, Urbana, IL; d. 4/24/1947, Anchorage, AK), with his wife, my grandmother, Mary Louise Boyd (b. 12/23/1874, Paducah, KY; d. 2/24/1956, San Diego, CA). Les was son of Civil War Lt. Matthew Logan Busey (b. 6/2/1837, Shelby County, KY; d. 10/11/1915, Danville, IL) and Nancy Jane "Jennie" Craig (b. 1841; d. 1914, Astoria, OR).Siblings of Les were Elizabeth M. Busey (b. 1880; d. 1932), William "Will Busey, Frederick "Fred" Busey, Margaret Busey, and Jenny Viola Busey (b. 1884; d. 1960, Midway City, CA; who married Norman Lincoln Smith and whose son was Arthur Gordon "Art" Smith). Nancy Jane "Jennie" (Craig) Busey arrived with her children in time to be listed in the 1890 City Directory of Astoria, Oregon. Matthew Logan Busey. My understanding is that Nancy Jane "Jennie" Craig's father was William Craig, brother of Mary Ann Craig Barrows.
Pam Paschke
April 26, 2017 @ 12:23am
thank you for sharing the photo! Glad to have a Matthew Busey descendant join the group.
Philip Busey
June 1, 2017 @ 8:42pm
I just got results from Y-DNA and apparently Mike Hall and I are very closely related at 67 (what's that, a location or a set?) so I'm upscaling to 111 to see if that shows anything as well. I'd love to see more cousins get involved.
Michael  Hall Michael Hall has a question!
April 30, 2015 @ 10:23am
Ok, I have two matches (2 distance) (32 markers) with the "Busey, Bucey, Bucy" line, and none with the "Hall" line. I have never heard of anyone named "Busey" in the Hall Family. My grandfather, Elias John Edward Hall is my brickwall. I have searched everywhere that I could to find who his parents were, and have found nothing. So where does the "Busey" fit in? Elias John Edward Hall was born 25 April 1898 in Fetterman, West Virginia. This information was gathered by military records (which as we know, the information is given by the informant - which can be wrong). He died 7 Feb 1947 in Kansas City, Missouri. He married Ione Alvesta McNeil 5 October 1925 in Topeka, Kansas. He had two children Donald (my father) and Dorothy both born 11 April 1927 in Chicago. Any information that you can give me to shed light on this surprising turn of events, please let me know.
Pam Paschke
April 26, 2017 @ 12:25am
Based upon your FamilyFinder matches, we may want to look at the line of Henry Busey, son of Edward Sr of Frederick Co, MD.
Pam Paschke Pam Paschke
February 18, 2015 @ 12:53am
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Thomas Bucey (1852-1933) Guernsey and Licking Counties, Ohio
Pam Paschke
February 18, 2015 @ 12:55am
My great-grandfather Thomas Bucey (1852-1933). He was a policeman for the B&O, and served as a prison guard at the state pen in Columbus, Ohio.