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About us

The Bunyard Family DNA Project hopes to connect its American and British bloodline to the origins of our oldest known ancestor, James Beal Bunyard, who was transported to America’s colonies on the ship Tyrol in 1764. James Beal was baptized in London 5 Dec of 1744. His father was James Bunyard and his mother is thought to have been Jane. James Beal died in Ashe Co. NC in 1817. James first appeared in Wilkes County NC in the year 1778. By 1787, James and his wife Hannah have seven children. Hannah was born about 1756 and died in Ashe Co. NC about 1832. James and Hannah continue raising their family of at least six boys and possibly three girls and farming in what becomes North Fork of New River in Ashe Co. It is from this Bunyard patriarch and his six sons (William, Ephraim, James, Larkin, John, Samuel) that many of the Bunyard surname descend. Most of these ancestors are well documented. As people who get involved with DNA research soon learn, once DNA testing is done interesting, and unexpected, results can happen. So goes it with my Bunyard DNA results. There are some very close matches from very unexpected regions. See the link to “y-results” above. Of special note is the link to Lisičić - Vojinovići (Montenegro). The DNA matches that are occurring with The Vojinovići Project are telling. The administrator of this project has done a wonderful job of matching results and comparing findings on his Family Tree DNA site. I find there is little reason to duplicate his wonderful efforts. Therefore, I encourage any Bunyard surnames to also join The Vojinovići Project. There is no doubt in my mind that my Bunyard line is RELATED to the members of this project. Click on or follow this link  https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/vojinovic/about/background for The Vojinovići Project and you will go to The Vojinovići Project Home Page.  For full access to all information, I would suggest you JOIN the project by clicking the link at the top. Click on the main menu's “DNA Results” and refer to the “Classic Chart” for further information. There you will see my Bunyard results along side those of my cousins.   Also interesting is that the mtDNA on the maternal side of my family is also making some matches with one of the project’s participants. This is as yet to be explored but you can refer to this information using the mtDNA link on this project's main menu page. And please do not hesitate to contact me concerning The Bunyard Project DNA site.