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I have been researching my Father's family for about 20 years, but we couldn't go back in time before my Grandfather (Adolph) because we lacked his father's name.
Recently, an English cousin obtained his British Naturalization papers, and there was his father - Marcus!

Well from that point the information flowed-in, mostly using JewishGEN with follow-up research using LDS library films.

It became evident that there were several Büchler families who had lived in various shtetls in Trencin County or nearby in Slovakia (at that time it was the Hungarian empire). Some of these families were listed under different spellins such as Pichler, but these names are all phonetically identical, and we think that they are simply the result of Hungarian clerks assuming a certain spelling.

Surely these were related? Hungarian Census information seems just not quite sufficient to tie these families together although we have many theories, most of which are based on Jewish Naming conventions.

I gained some experience using DNA analysis while researching the Genealogy of my mother's side of the family with much credit going to Len Yodaiken, a cousin and excellent researcher who lives in Israel.

I had reasoned that if we get matches on different families with 27 or 37 marker tests, the probability of a common ancestor within 300 years (after 1700) will be very high.

It didn't happen!