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About us

This Y chromosome study was initiated in February, 2004. It is dedicated to Joyce Brownlow of Liverpool who passed away November 1999. She did an amazing amount of Brownlow family research. She hypothesized that all Brownlow's came from the Rivington, Lancashire area of England. She noted how over the centuries in which records about Brownlow's were found, various branches moved out from Rivington to other parts of the kingdom, and then, on to the colonies. 

Due to the patterns emerging not only with ydna samples and the Family Finder Test, this studies new co-administrator, Jason Edwards, and I have been making promising strides in connecting the dots with many of the different Brownlow/Brownlee lines.  A recent Family Finder test result has found shared dna between a Brownlee and Brownlow whose ancestors were in Northern Ireland. 

I encourage everyone who joins the study to have a minimum of 37 ydna markers assessed.  Also, with the recent decrease in overall prices, I encourage all to have the Family Finder Test so that more patterns of connection between various lines can be established with dna. 

**** We need especially direct male descendants of James and Kate Brownlow from Virginia and who were the ancestors of Parson Brownlow.

**** We need also direct male descendants from the Lord Lurgan line in Northern Ireland.

**** We need more Brownlee's whose lines go back to Northern Ireland to take the Family Finder Test as well.

Everyone is welcome to participate and I ask that those who do, please send me or Jason, our co-administrator, your lineage as far back as you can.  It will help us sort out the different lines over time. 

Some public projects require permission to join the study but I do not want to do that.  But I cannot stress enough how important your lineage contribution is to the overall success of our efforts to sort out our various lines.

We deeply appreciate your participation and contributions to this work intended to benefit us all.

Please be assured that your results are private.  Only your earliest known ancestor is listed along with your kit number.  On the NEWS page of this site, with your permission, we post your lineage  from 1900 back in time to help others connect who may share your markers.

I am making every effort to upgrade the website and information for this project.  We will be making separate groups of clusters of those participants with similar dna. 

I am also considering setting up a Facebook page closed group for those who are interested in sharing Brownlow/Brownlee dna or other family related information such as lineage data, dna data, photographs and family oral histories.  It is called Brownlow/Brownlee Family Genealogy and DNA Project.  Please feel free to participate.