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About us

I was intrigued by DNA testing when I first heard of it being used for genealogy purposes. I have been at a point in my family history for some time now that one might consider being a brick wall. Due to early record destruction in the Civil War, it has made it hard, if not impossible, for some Virginia families to learn information about their ancestors and there are many Virginia Bridgman's that share this problem. Our surname is one that has been found through the US and Virginia history as early as the trading missions in Jamestown. The migration has been tracked by census data and other records but many ties between the family lines have been broken.

In the times of Burt Nicholas and Joseph Clark Bridgman, a valiant effort was shown in the publishing of their records. With today’s technology the obvious next step was here waiting for us with DNA testing. I welcome all Bridgman and Bridgeman descendants to join in this exciting project to discover new and old connections within our surname.