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Updated 20 Nov 2022 To help find family connections for the BOYLEs of all spelling and variations. By joining the group you agree to provide the project with 3 things. 1) The surname of the person being tested. 2) The name, date and place of birth of the oldest researched male ancestor of your male patrilineal line and the oldest researched female ancestor of your matrilineal line. 3) Permission to publish the DNA results and the names, dates and places of birth of the oldest known patrilineal or matrilineal ancestor. The Boyle Surname Project maps genetic variations for Boyle clans by documenting the Y-chromosome markers of male descendants. The genetic information may suggest new avenues for your genealogical research - or rule out dead ends. (Women are also welcome). Updated June 25, 2015. (taken from ) BOYLE Last Name Meaning & Origin: A variant of O'BOYLE, from the Irish Ó BAOGHILL. Of uncertain derivation, but the Boyle last name is considered by most to be connected to the Irish geall, meaning "pledge" or "vain pledge," or thought to mean "having profitable pledges." The O'Boyles were chieftains in Donegal, ruling west Ulster with the O'Donnells and the O'Doughertys. Boyles can also be found in Kildare and Offaly. BOYLE is one of 50 common Irish surnames of modern Ireland, as well as the 84th most popular last name in Scotland. Surname Origin: Irish, Scottish Alternate Surname Spellings: BOYLES, O BOYLE, O BAOIGHILL, O BAOILL Clan Boyle: Clan Boyle in Scotland originated with Anglo-Norman knights bearing the de Beauville or, more commonly, de Boyville name from Beauville, near Caen. They are believed to have arrived in Scotland after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. There is a record of a David de Boivil witnessing a charter as early as 1164. There is still a Lord Glasgow (Patrick Robin Archibald Boyle, 10th Earl of Glasgow, DL (born 30 July 1939), is a Scottish peer, politician and the current chief of Clan Boyle. The family seat is Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire. He currently sits as a Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords.