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About us

The Boxall DNA Project welcomes all participants. We encourage you to join today!.

This project was set-up quite some time ago and we are having difficulty encouraging men with the BOXALL name or one of the many variants to participate once begun we expect to have many exciting discoveries.

Participating is an opportunity to uncover information not provided in the paper records, which will help with your research of your family tree. We will also discover which family trees are related. As the project progresses, the results for the various family trees will provide information on the evolution of the surname.

My theory is that there is not one definitive BOXALL ancestor but many.  I believe this is a locative name, not named after some long gone village, farm, hill etc., but named because of where the individual lived, such as by a copse of Boxwood trees.  The origins are from an area that includes: East Hampshire, West Sussex and West Surrey.  For instance the BOXWELLs from Ireland I have traced back to Hampshire and the original name was BOXFOLD.  The various spellings have evolved over time so in Barbados it became BOXILL or BOXHILL, in Australia there is a line that is BOXSHALL, there are many examples where the name has changed in spelling in families as people learned to write.  So I wish to prove or disprove my theory besides be able to show that there are different spellings that are actually linked but we do not have the information to prove that link.  With DNA we can begin to say which lines are definitely related and which are not.  Also we will see if all BOXALLs have a common ancestor or not, as I believe.

The surnames in this DNA Project are also researched as part of the BOXALL (and variant) one-name study world wide. You can learn more about this significant research, and the associated family trees, by contacting the Group Administrator.

The Y DNA test tells you about your direct male line, which would be your father, his father, and back in time. You must be male to take this test, and you should have one of the surnames shown. If you believe there is a Boxall or variant in your direct male line, although you have a different surname, you are also welcome to participate. If you are female, please find a male to participate.  As you can see, by checking the results, we do not, as yet, have any participants, therefore need your help to encourage relatives who have one of the surnames, or donate to the fund so kits can be purchased and sent to a male BOXALL who would like to be part of this research but finds the price too much for them to pay.

We encourage males who order a Y DNA test to order 37 markers, if possible. If you order less markers, you can upgrade later, though this costs a little more.

Both males and females may also be interested in learning about their direct female line, which would be their mother, their mother's mother, and back in time. You would order a mtDNA test. For matches in a genealogical time frame, order the mtDNA Plus test.

Thank you for visiting my BOXALL Project pages.