Border Reivers

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About us

This is a compilation of Border Reiver family surnames such as Armstrong, Beattie, Elliott and many others: This patrilineal Y-DNA surname study is designed to test the Y-DNA profiles of members of the various Border Reiver families found along the Anglo-Scottish Border, including descendants of 'transplants' to Ulster, the United States, Canada, Australia, and around the world. The focus of the study includes families listed on the surname list of the Border Reivers website. If your name is on that list, we are most interested in having you participate in our Y-DNA male surname testing program. The principal receiving clans and families are classed as Armstrong, Bell, Burn, Charlton, Crozier, Dacre, Dodds, Douglas, Elliot, Fenwick, Forster, Graham, Hall, Harden, Irvine, Johnstone, Kerr, Maxwell, Milburn, Noble, Reed, Robson, Scott, Turnbull.