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The results are kept private and group members are automatically notified when they have a match or close match (depending on how they set their user preferences). A lot of people have asked me why our members, their Y-DNA results, and paternal ancestor are not linked. This is because the original group members wanted that information kept private and only available to other group members. Obviously, I will honor that request for all group members.
UPDATE:  as of June 20, 2023 the EKAs (earliest known ancestor) are now publicly displayed on the yDNA charts. All group members had been notified at least 30 days prior.

Here is a list of the earliest documented ancestor of most of the members in our group. Upon enrolling, each member is asked to supply the name of their earliest documented Bennett ancestor, not their earliest suspected one. Many members have their suspected lines further back.

Aaron Bennett - born 1770 and died c 1830 Emanuel Co., GA

Abraham Bennet - born 1812 Long Island, NY and died 1909 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. He married Emeline Lockwood.

Albert D. Bennett - born 1820 Wilson Co., TN and died 1902 in Carroll Co., TN. He married Irene E. "Jemima" Mitchell. They had the following children - Taylor, Scott, John, Reuben, Ada, Emma and Minerva.

Alfred M. C. Bennett - born 1811 in NC and died 1875 in Dallas Co., MO. His sons were Moses, Franklin, Thomas and John D. by his first wife Nancy who died in 1850; and Alfred and James Jacob by his second wife Mary. Alfred was the son of Jacob Bennett (1773-1852).

Amos Bennett - born 1791 Campbell Co., TN and died 1870 in Whitley Co., KY. He married Sarah Hamblin and had the following known sons - Benjamin, Joseph, John, Amos, and James.

Andrew Bennett - born 1801 KY and died after 1870 in Hancock Co., IL.  He lived in Jennings Co., IN from 1820-1846. He married Catharine "Kitty" Osborn (b 1811 KY) and they had the following children - William S., Minerva, James Ellison, Jesse Franklin, Henry Harrison, Nancy, John L., and twins Mary Emiline and Sarah Caroline. His father may be William Bennett born c 1775 MD.   

Asa Bennett - born 1816 KY

Benjamin Bennett - born 1787 NJ and died 1871 Shark River, Monmouth County, NJ. He and his wife Mary had the following known sons - William J., George W., John W. and Francis. At least 2 more sons were born bet. 1820 - 1830. All the children were born in New York City.

Benjamin Bennett - born c 1700 Ipswich, MA and died 1757 in Groton, MA. He married Mary Lakin and had the following sons - Benjamin, Joseph, and Aaron. For more information on this line please go to www.ipswichbennett.com 

Benjamin Bennett - born c 1760 Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA and died 1823 in Waterford, Caledonia Co., VT. He married Elizabeth Knight and had the following known sons - Benjamin Knight, John and Josiah. It is believed that Benjamin's father was Josiah Bennett.

Columbus Taylor Bennett - born 1848 Hardin Co., KY and died 1928 in Louisville, KY. He married Sophrona Ellen Artman. His parents were Thomas Curtis Bennett and Mary Gregg.

Crambury A. Bennett - born c 1819 NC/SC, died after 1880 MO? In the 1880 census he was living with his wife Adaline Smith in Clay Twp., Monroe Co., MO.

Cyrus Bennett - born c 1792, died c 1866 probably in Richmond Co., NC. He married Jane Bowers in 1813. They had the following known sons - George Washington, William, Stephen, Gardner, John and Joseph.

Daniel Bennett - born c 1770 NJ and died 1850 in Middletown Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ. His wife was Margaret "Peggy" Herbert. He was the son of Jacob Bennett.

David Bennet - born 1793 in Midlothian, Scotland and died before the 1841 census. He married Euphemia Low in 1824. David's parents were George Bennet of England and Helen Boyd.

Edward Bennett - born 1742 CT and died in 1803.

Edward Bennett - born c 1830 Ireland. He and his wife Hannorah Byrne came to America in 1850 and settled in the Albany, NY area.

Franklin Bennett - born 1842 PA and died in 1907.

George Bennett - born c 1845 PA and died

Hendrick Bennet - bapt. 1742 in Monmouth Co., NJ. and died 1806 in Saratoga Co., NY. He married Nelly Colwell and they had the following known sons - John, Thomas, Hendrick, William, Cornelius and Peter. Hendrick's parents were Johannes and Agnietje Bennet.

Henry Bennett - born c 1629, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. For more information on this line please go to www.ipswichbennett.com

Henry Bennett - born c 1690 England and died 1747 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. He married Hannah Nun in 1722 and they had at least two sons - Henry and William.

Hiram Bennett - born 1796 Franklin Co., GA and died 1888 in Dallas Co., TX. He first married Theodosia Dobbs (1805-1845) and they had the following sons - James Madison, William Hardy, Elisha, Lewis Clark, Elijah David, and Josiah. He married Sarah Dougan in 1846.

Hiram Bennett - born c 1821 NY. In the 1860 census he was living with his wife Susan in Bradford, Steuben Co., NY. Hiram was possibly the son of Ephraim and Jemima Bennett.

Holmes Bennett - born 9 Sep 1806 in Colt's Neck, Monmouth Co., NJ and died in 1891. He married Elizabeth Crawford.

Isaac Bennett - born

Jacob Bennett
- born 1777 Botetourt Co., VA and died 1860 Alleghany Co.,VA. He married Mary Persinger. His parents were John Bennett and Sarah Clancy.

Jacob L. Bennett - born 1834 NY and died 1898 in New York City, NY. He married Je(a)nnette "Janet" W. Campbell c 1853. They had the following known sons - Jacob Jr., George W., Franklin E. and Charles. His parents were Jonathan and Abigail Bennett.

James Franklin Bennett
- born 1837 MO and died in 1923

Jenkins Bennett
- born 1832 Stanly Co., NC and died c 1899. He married Nancy C. Almond of Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC. His father was also Jenkins and his grandparents were Peter Bennett and Margret Jenkins.

Jeremiah Bennett - born 1760 prob. in CT and died 1811 Minisink, Orange Co., NY. He married Phebe Lain, born 1770 in Orange Co., NY.

Jeremiah Bennett
- born 1810 Oneida Co., NY and died 1894. He and his wife Emmeline are buried in the Centerville Pioneer Cemetery in Fremont, Alameda Co., CA. They had the following known sons - Joseph and James.

John Bennett
- born 1753 in County Down, Ireland and died 1828 in Ohio Co., KY.

John Bennett - born 1760 and died > 1810 in Marion Co., SC. He married Mary Godfrey on 16 Jan 1777. She was born 1756 in Charleston, SC. Their known sons were James, William, Andrew and John Murphy.

John Bennett - born c 1765 Brunswick Co., VA and died c 1830 in Whitley Co., KY. He married Rebecca Ross and they had the following children - John, Levi, Amos, Edward, Ezekiel, Rebecca and Thomas. His parents were John Bennett (1740-1798) and Elizabeth Sadler.

John Bennett - born July 31, 1806 in Bryan or Appling Co., GA and died Jan 27, 1887 in Odum, Wayne Co., GA. He and his wife Lucy Harris had the following sons - Henry, William J., John, Isham, Matthew, Salathiel, and twins Green Berry and West Berry. John's parents were Henry Bennett and Margaret Sheffield.

John Bennett - born 1814 in Ireland or Scotland. He married Mary McNally from Ireland and they had the following known children - James, John Jr, Mary, Leander, twins Elbert & Anna, Arthur and William. The family moved from Greene Co., NY to NJ, then MD and MI.

John Fletcher Bennett - born 1818 Duplin Co., NC and died 1888 in Hill Co., TX. He married Matilda A. Allen and had the following known sons - William A., John Wesley, and James F.

John George Bennett - born 1862 VA (now WV) and died 1948 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH. He married Rachel L. Smarr on May 6, 1883 in Gilmer Co., WV. Their only son was Silas Alfred. It is believed that John G. was the son of William B. and Elizabeth J. Bennett.

John Henry Bennett - born c 1848 Elk Co., PA

John Ross Bennett - born c 1845 County Cavan, Ireland and died 1917 in CA. He came to Quebec in 1864 and then moved on to CA. In 1878 he married Harriet Greenleese. His parents were James Bennett and Eliza Rorke.

Jonathan Bennett
- born c 1799 NJ and died 14 Jan 1869 Repaupo, Woolwich Twp., Gloucester Co, NJ. He was buried in Salem Co., NJ. He married Hannah Lippincott (1817-1877). He was possibly the son of William Bennett and Eunice Ward.

Joseph Bennett - born 1805 London, England and died 1894 in Lenawee Co., MI. He married Elizabeth Collins in 1832 and later moved to Ontario, Canada. They had 7 sons - Charles, Stephen, William, Alfred, Edwin, Albert, and Andrew. His father was Joseph Bennett, Sr.

Levi Bennett - born 1789 KY and died in 1870. He married Nancy Harp and had the following known sons - William and Benjamin.

Michael Bennett - born 1810 prob. in Olgethorpe Co., GA. He married Charity FitzRandolph in 1774 in Burlington Co., NJ. They had two known sons - Reuben and Benjamin Anthony. Michael served in the Revolutionary War.

Moses Bennett - born c 1775 Botetourt Co., VA. He married Nancy Cooper and they had the following known sons - James, Daniel S., Hamilton, William and twins John B. and Richard C. who were born 1824 in Casey Co., KY.

Moses Griffith Bennett
- born 1813 NC and died 1890 Jackson Twp., Dallas Co., MO. He married Sarah Wollard in Maury Co., TN and they had the following known sons - Nathaniel L., Alfred Jackson, James C. and John Moses.

Nathaniel Bennett - born c 1770 VA or PA and died 1848 in Columbia Co., PA.

Nehemiah Franklin Bennett - born 1853 OH and died 1902 WI. He married Catherine Rebecca Connant and had the following sons - Henry, Edward, Loren Ernest, George Franklin, and Charles Gerald. His parents were Henry Wallace Bennett of NY and Amanda Morse.

Prior Bennet(t) - born c 1790 GA and died 1850 - 1860 in Hancock Co., MS. He and his wife Nancy had the following known sons - William, James, Daniel, Taylor, and Benjamin Franklin.

Richard Bennett - bapt. 26 March 1598 Torrington, Devonshire, England. He was the son of Hugh and Alice Bennett.

Richard Bennett - born 1816 Bulloch Co., GA and died 1896 in Glenmore, Ware Co., GA.

Samuel Bennett - born c 1834 NY. He and wife Elizabeth were in Muscogee Co., GA in the 1860 census and then moved to Henry Co., AL.

Solomon Bennett - born c 1750s Butte Co., NC and died in the early 1840s in Carroll Co., TN. He was a Revolutionary War soldier.

Thaddeus Bennett - born 1760 RI and died 1834 Stockdale, OH. He married Eunice Bentley, born 1762 in Litchfield, CT.

Thomas Bennett - born c 1705 in Chowan Co., NC and died 1795 in Martin Co., NC.

Thomas Albert Bennett - born 1767 Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA and died 1841 Winchendon, Worcester Co., MA. He married Mary Pratt.

Willem Adriaense Bennet - of New Amsterdam in the early 1600s. He died 1644 in Brooklyn, NY.

William Bennett - born c 1713 Windsor, Berkshire, England and died 1763 in Berkshire, England. He was the son of James Bennet(t) and Mary Noon.

William Bennett - born c 1808 in Buxted, Sussex Co., England and died 1874 in Uckfield, Sussex Co., England. He married Mary Hallet and had the following known sons - Henry, Benjamin, and Eli. William was the son of William Bennett and Mary Woodgate.

William Bennett - born 1808 VA and died 1863 AR. He married Melinda Warren. Their known sons were George, Jackson, Solomon, James, Hugh, Marion, Warren, David, and Alfred Albert.

William Bennett - born 1811 Jackson Co., AL and died 1885 Franklin Co., AR. He married Rebecca Riggs. It is believed that William's father was also a William Bennett.

William Bennett - born c 1827 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England. He married Mary Ann Hopkinson. His parents were John and Ann.

William B. Bennett - born c 1820 Lewis Co., VA and died > 1880 census, prob. in Gilmer Co., WV. He married Elizabeth J. McCartney in 1855. They had the following children - William P., Sarah Jane, Gertrude, John G., Amanda, James, Thomas, Cordelia, Joseph, Granville and Eva. William B. was the son of Jacob and Rachel. 

William C. Bennett - born 1860 England and died 1890 Solano Co., CA

William H. Bennett - born c 1823 KY and died 1894 Portland, OR

William Russell Bennett, Sr. - born 1789 NC and died 1854 Madison Co., MS. He 1st married Lavinia Taylor and had the following known sons - John Taylor, William Russell, and Griffin. Then in 1830 he married Jane Jones and had James Allen and Benjamin Thomas.

Zebulon Bennett, Jr. - born 1766 Long Island, NY and died 1860 Boone Co., IL. He married Sarah Cooper c 1789. His father Zebulon, Sr. was killed Sep 15, 1776 near Harlem Heights, NY.