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Detailed results are shared with the current group members through private correspondence, in order to preserve confidentiality and privacy.

We have been able to link at least two individuals in the UK who did not know of their kinship until the results were available. We have also uncovered several unknown links between different family groups in the same location as well as in different locations.

There are some who want to use DNA to prove a link to Admiral Benbow.  The results of this study show that: (1)  Not all Benbow men are related to each other. (2)  Therefore, not all Benbow lines can be related to Admiral Benbow.

We do not have a proven line of descent from Admiral Benbow or the males of his immediate family.  Y-DNA is a form of DNA which does not survive death, and it is not the same form of DNA used in forensics.  Without a proven line of descent to a person whose DNA has been tested, there is no way for us to know what the Admiral's haplogroup or DYS values were.  Without that, we cannot prove or disprove who might be related to the Admiral, and who might not.  A family tradition of relationship simply is not enough to prove a particular line as the Admiral's line, as men of different haplogroups have that tradition in their family.  What some would like to believe is not the same as the truth.

We can only prove one thing -- that not all Benbow men are related to each other, and therefore not all Benbow men could be related to the Admiral.

Katherine Benbow, Project Administrator