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About us

The goal of The Belcher Y-DNA Project is to help Belcher researchers use Y-DNA testing to further their family history research. Y-DNA Projects are for male testing. Belcher Y-DNA Project PARTICIPANTS (those who take the genetic test) are males with the Belcher surname (or variation) or if your results indicate that you are actually a "Belcher" even though your surname may be different. By participating in this Belcher Y-DNA Project you give permission for your results to be published at the Belcher Y-DNA Family Website and agree to furnish known ancestors to be published. There are currently 2 websites available for this project. One is provided by FTDNA (, where you are probably reading this message.. This is where the results table will be published. There is also an "activity feed" available to project members to post and read message from me or other project members. The second website contains the ancestries of the participants, as well as some other information that may be helpful for research, or at least interesting. The address of this site will be posted as soon as the update is available.