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Nov. 2011: 38 Y-DNA members.

End Aug. 2012: Chris Rоttеnѕtеіnеr new Administrator (related to South Tyrolean Baumgartners). Major STR-match-checking, SNP/Haplogroup renaming and regrouping.

Profile information until Aug. 2012: The Baumgartner DNA Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and dna testing. All variant spellings are welcome. If your Surname is missing, we'll be glad to add it. There is specific interest in mapping the many US family branches with roots in Langnau/Trub, Canton Berne, Switzerland and their Mennonite relatives.

Before 2012: Testing has verified the link between the Trub Baumgartners and at least two family branches (Bomgardners of Ohio and Baumgartners of South Pittsburg, Tennessee) in the USA. Thanks to a recent visit to the Trub family that agreed to be tested and whose forefathers have occupied the same farm for more than 300 years, a large family tree has been constructed going back to the late 1500s. One branch of the family immigrated to the US before 1800 and another in 1868.

Spring 2009: Currently 24 persons have been tested and 9 Baumgartner lines and 1 Garner line have been identified. The different lines fall into haplogroups E (1), G (2), I (2), and R (5).

May 2006: Project was founded by Chuck Godfrey (related to Trub Baumgartners).