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Roger Barnett Roger Barnett has a question!
Yesterday at 9:38am
Mic, I have finally tracked down a direct paternal male relative of Jesse Barnett, 1790-1800 that is in my family tree. Our ggreat grandparents were brother and sister. 2 questions, which test should I have him take for DNA matches between us, and wold there be any Y-dna or did I lose that with my gggrand mother?
Jack Barnett Jack Barnett has a question!
April 28 @ 11:30am
My name is Jack G Barnett , i am new to the project. I am listed with kit number 899652 oldest relative Joseph Barnett in the “Ungrouped” section at the bottom of the list. Will I be put into a group? If so how long does that normally take? Thanks!
Charles Barnette
May 5 @ 10:22pm
Joesph Royal Barnett??? From SC?
Jack Barnett
May 12 @ 5:48pm
B Mar 18 1904 d Jan 29 1880 married Permilia Sentell
Jack Barnett
May 12 @ 5:48pm
correction 1804
James Wright James Wright
March 26 @ 10:22am
Hello Barnett's! As you may or may not know, FTDNA has an upgrading sale going on now through March 31, 2019. If you did Low level test such as Y37, or even Y-111, Spring is a good time to take advantage of the updated price and spread family DNA information further! Maybe if a few more Barnett's would upgrade to Big Y-500 or 700, I might be able to find out who my Barnett ancestors actually were!!! I know they are there because the DNA tells me so, but so far, it has not told me who they are! There are three of us Wrights who are Barnett ancestors! We fit in somewhere in your trees. How about giving us a hand!
Rebecca Brooks
May 10 @ 3:49pm
I have a mtDNA match with a Wright.....would love to know how we are connected.
Charles Barnette Charles Barnette has a question!
May 5 @ 10:49pm
so i understand that Bernard is a variation of Barnett. during my research i found a person on my list is listed as Barnett but another source has them are Bernard. was it common to change your last name like this in the 1500's? why would they do this in the first place.
Roger Barnett
May 6 @ 7:03am
Probably due to language differences. Very common in the US to find the same family with different surnames because of the heavy Scot-Irish dialecte.
Michael Barnett
May 7 @ 6:47pm
Also due to lack of standardized spelling, illiterate families, inconsistent record keeping, and on occasion feuding brothers.
Jennifer Low Jennifer Low
February 10 @ 11:24pm
Hi Everyone, I am new to the group. My name is Jennifer "Jenny" Gaulding Low. I am related to the Barnett Family through my Gaulding \ Barnett line. This is my Barnett Family as much as I know: 4th Great Grandparents: Lucy Barnett born 1745 in Virginia, died 1805 in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and Alexander Gaulding, Sr born 1745 in New Kent County, Virginia, died 1819 in Prince Edward County, Virginia 5th Great Grandparents: Richard Barnett born 1725 in Goochland, Goochland County, Virginia, died DEC 1788 in Prince Edward County, Virginia, and Elizabeth Roberts 6th Great Grandparents: John Barnett born 1683 • Jamestown, James County, Virginia, died 21 Sep 1756 in Goochland, Goochland County, Virginia, and Katherine Farrar born 1700 in Henry, Goochland County, Virginia, died 1782 in Granville County, North Carolina 7th Great Grandparents: John Bernard born 1661 in Purton, Gloucester County, Virginia, died 1709 in Gloucester County, Virginia, and Jane Rolfe born 10 Oct 1650 in Varina, Henrico County, Virginia, died 1676 in Kippax, Charles County, Virginia 8th Great Grandparents: Richard Bernard born 1636 in Petsoe, Buckinghamshire, England, died 1691 in Purton, Gloucester County, Virginia, and Unknown spouse 9th Great Grandparents: Richard Bernard born 12 Mar 1608 in Turvey, Bedfordshire, England, died 3 Apr 1651 in Gloucester County, Virginia, and Anna Cordray born 1612 in Chute, Wiltshire, England, died 1670 in Westmoreland County, Virginia 10th Great Grandparents: Richard Bernard born 1555 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England, died 1613 in Bedfordshire, England, and Elizabeth Woolhouse born 1572 in London, London, England, died 10 Mar 1622 in Surrey, England 11th Great Grandparents: Francis Bernard born 1530 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England, died 21 Oct 1602 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England, and Alice Haselwood born 1525 in Maidwell, Northamptonshire, England, died 1612 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England 12th Great Grandparents: John Bernard born 1490 in Northamptonshire, England, died 1549 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England, and Cecily Muscote born 1495 in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, England, died 21 Sep 1557 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England 13th Great Grandparents: John Bernard born 1460 in of Abington, Northamptonshire, England, died 20 Aug 1508 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England, and Margaret Daundelyn born 1470 in Duddington, Northamptonshire, England, died 1500 in Abington, Northamptonshire, England I'm going to stop here. I could go on, but honestly I would like to verify that this information is correct through DNA. Is there anyone else on here that is related to this Barnett \ Bernard family? I would love to compare with you. It's great to be able to find new family. I know I can't exactly be linked according to Y-DNA since I'm not a male Barnett, but hopefully my mtDNA will show that we are related. Thanks for allowing me to join the Barnett Group. I look forward to linking with my Cousins on here. Blessings and hugs, Jenny Gaulding Low
Michael Barnett
March 29 @ 8:13am
Hey Ross, My name is Lora-Beth Barnett and I am researching the Haplotype J Barnetts for my husband. Can you give me some additional info on George, William, and John so that I can better identify the family. My husband tested with FTDNA and not ancestry so I only have access to ancestry dna information through others. Thank you for any help you can give.
Ross Barnett
April 4 @ 7:40pm
The only JM-172 Y DNA match I’ve found, up to Y65, is with an Albert Barnett b1823 d1900 in USA
Ross Barnett
April 4 @ 7:50pm
John Barnett - b.1775 Birdham Sussex England, d.1844 Whitchurch Hampshire England. John’s father, George (there’s lots of Georges) Barnett 4th, b.Aug 1748 Steep Hampshire England, d.Jan 1807 Havant Hampshire England.
Jennifer Low
April 24 @ 2:02pm
@James Wright I only know my maternal haplogroup which is T2b. My Daddy passed away before we could get his DNA tested. My Uncle, who is also a Barnett descendent is Haplogroup R-U152.
Angela Barnett Angela Barnett
March 24 @ 8:57pm
Hello! I am looking for information on Uriah Barnett my 5th Great-grandfather. He was born in North or South Carolina around 1783 and married Keziah Islley or Istilly in Georgia around 1801. Uriah was living in Benton County, Alabama in 1840 and was postmaster there, but then they moved on to Neshoba, Mississippi by 1850 and died 1863. Uriah's son is William Riley Barnett (moved back to Tuscaloosa, Alabama), then Bradford Kimsey Barnett, his son George Washington Barnett ( in Alabama), his son Hugh R Barnett - my great-grandfather.
Michael Barnett
March 29 @ 8:57am
Hey Angela, my name is Lora-Beth Barnett and i am doing research on my husband Michael's family tree. Uriah and Michael are part of the same DNA group. Uriah's descendants are pretty well document but his parents remain a mystery. I found your tree on and enjoyed the pictures you posted. If I find anything about Uriah's parents I will let you know.
Angela Barnett
March 29 @ 12:09pm
hello Lora-Beth!! Thank you!! My cousin Doris Barnett Bryson had been researching for years on Uriah and couldn't find anything. Someone told her they believed his dad's name was John (but which one!!) and some say it could have been David. I am hoping to find answers here plus try to convince my brother or a male Barnett cousin to do the y-dna. Also, another mystery in the family you may or may not have info on. William Riley's son Bradford Kimsey was murdered. Some say shot and some say was stabbed. Can't find a court case on this or where he is buried.
Michael Barnett
March 31 @ 12:30am
Well I am kind of leaning toward William being his father so the mystery continues. I had heard about the murder from some message board postings which included a couple of your postings so I am no help with that. I imagine if enough people do dna testing his possible parents can be narrowed down. I have managed to come up with several family clusters that I think are in my husband's Barnett line. I am just missing the Barnetts that tie them together. Happy to have touched base with you. Cooperation with other researchers has solved more than one mystery for me so I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Julia Kuykendall Julia Kuykendall
February 17 @ 12:38am
I descend from Richard Barnett, son of John and Katherine Farrar Barnett. Richard and his wife Lucy Wade, had a son named George. I wish to prove George to Richard. George was born in Spartanburg. The family,was affiliated with cedarSprings and Boiling Springs churches. The church records are at Furman University, but they don’t lend them out. Richard died intestate in Lawrence Alabama. I can not as yet find anything of use in Lawrence to link George to Richard. Any advice or help or lore should be appreciated!
Rebecca Brooks
March 29 @ 3:14pm
Another son of John & Katherine Farrar, Edward moved to Spartenburg. He married a Martha Lewis. Not sure if you show them there? There daughter married John Cantwell and they moved to TN and then some to GA.
Ruth Appleby Ruth Appleby
December 26, 2017 @ 7:38am
Looking for any information on William Barnett, who was born in Ireland c.1804 and is found in Manchester, Lancashire, from 1826 onwards, when he married Ellen HARDMAN. The family remained in Manchester. My descent is through William and Ellen's son James who married Emma Owen in 1850, their son John who married Mary Cummins in 1873, their son Frederick who married Mary WILKIN in Hartlepool, County Durham, in 1913, and their daughter Olga. Any connections eagerly anticipated!!
Ralph Barnett
March 18, 2018 @ 12:40pm
I have taken 2 DNA tests, and hope to find a lot of answers. I am a direct descendant of Barnett’s than lived in Southern Illinois and also Virginia. Haven’t received results yet
Joy Upton
March 16 @ 10:14am
My gt gmother was Minerva Barnett (1851-1935) married Levi Fulk. She died in Richland County, Illinois. She was the dau of Flemmon Barnett (1822-1865) and Minerva Pierce. I live in Southern Illinois.
Roger Barnett Roger Barnett
March 7 @ 3:16pm
Interesting tidbit from the court documents for Franklin county, Virginia, 1786-1789, a "John Barnett" was convicted for being a horse thief on 30 Aug 1786 and was still in jail in Dec of same year. Not sure what happened after that or who he may be related to.
George Barnett George Barnett has a question!
March 31, 2016 @ 5:09pm
I have a new Barnett that has come up in my Y-DNA and I can find nothing about him anywhere. He is listed as Jesse Barnett b. 1777 and d. 1818. No place of birth or death is given. My most distant confirmed relative is John Barnett born about 1770 and d. around 1745 in Pulaski County, MO. He married a Nancy b. 1780 in SC and she died after 1850 in Camden County, MO. My John Barnett is DNA matched to several Barnard's, Jacob, b. 1780, d. 1821, possibly in Ireland, Zadock his brother, b. 1779 in Ireland. Several other Barnard's match as well. This Jessie Barnett b. 1777 is the only other Barnett in my Y-DNA so he is of great interest. Does anybody have any information about him?
Laura Barnett-Queen
March 23, 2018 @ 3:57pm
Hi Ralph, I descend from Joseph Barnett (Barnard) born 1800 in KY and died before 1850 in Saline County IL. In 1820, he lived next door to David Barnett Sr. who had sons and one was named Zadock. Not sure how Joseph and David Sr. are related but they must be. Do you know Lynn Barnett from W. Frankfort? He is from this group of Barnetts as well and he is waiting on his DNA results as well. Let's stay in touch. I'd love to know your results and see if we are a match. When you get your DNA results, please consider uploading them to Gedmatch - it is a site that serious genealogists use and there are a lot of different tools there. Thanks.
Laura Barnett-Queen
March 23, 2018 @ 3:58pm
I also have Ancestry and 23 and Me DNA. My user name is Llbqueen55.
Reva Barnett
March 30, 2018 @ 6:42am
I have Zadock Barnett b 1787 in South Carolina, He has a brother John Barnett b 1785 in South Carolina as well.
Cherry Duve
March 6 @ 7:33am
Zadock seems to be a fairly common name in this line. I wonder where it came from. I am from the Zadock Barnett (born in North Carolina 1745, died in Georgia 1823) line. I just made the connection through wills and traditional genealogy. I hope to find his parents. Also, there are lots of different ideas about the surname of his wife "Dolly" who was the mother of all his children. Any Ideas?