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Barnard_Bernard (and variants) Surname DNA Project

As part of the ongoing research into the BARNARD & variants family name, a Family Tree Y-DNA (FTDNA) project is being carried out to help support (or disprove) the current paper genealogies and to help connect with others of the same surname world-wide in the hope of finding common ancestors. Only DNA from the Y-chromosome will be tested and as such, only males who are directly descended (or suspected) from the BARNARD family name are eligible. This also includes spelling variants of the surname. If you are a female researcher, you can participate indirectly if you have a brother, father, paternal uncle, or male cousin with the BARNARD surname who is willing to submit a DNA sample. Others may also be able to participate by sharing the cost of the BARNARD surname DNA testing. Because we are a Surname Project, we will welcome anyone with any of the above names to join us.

Please feel free to contact me, Alan Barnard by clicking here, if you have any questions concerning the BARNARD Surname Project.