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Barmore is a rare name in the United States.  2000 census data indicated that there werejust 1,530 Barmores and 151 Baremores in the United States.

Most of the early Barmores appear to have come from the NewJersey-New York-Connecticut area, but efforts to tie together the families have been frustrated by the too frequent gaps in the records.  This project hopes to assist in identifying relationships between families that can only be confirmed by DNA at this point.

Among the major Barmore branches include descendants of:

1. Marshall Barmore of Dutchess Co, NY (1760)

2. Henry Barmore of Greenwich, CT (1722)

3. Nathaniel Barmore of Peekskill, NY (c1783)

4. John Barmore of Chautauqua Co, NY (1823), orig. from NJ

5. James Barmore of Dutchess Co, NY (1759)

6. Christopher Barmore of Essex Co, NJ (1780)

7. Jonathan Barmore of Greene Co, PA, orig. from NJ 1792

8. George Barmore of Abbeville Co, SC 1790, orig from NJ c1720

More information will be added on each of those families.


Most information about Marshall Barmore comes from his pension applications.  He says he was born on 25 May 1760 in Filkintown (now known as Washington Hollow, part of the town of Washington), Dutchess County, New York. He first enlisted at Dover, Dutchess County, about 1 Apr 1776 and seems to have lived at Dover during the war.

Marshall’s application of 11 June 1833 indicates that he moved from Dover to

Granville [Washington Co] and lived there about

10 years

Plattsburgh [Clinton Co]

12 years

Fort Ann [Washington Co]

1 year

Scipio, Cayuga County

2 years

Batavia, Genesee County

1 year

Royalton, Niagara County

10 years

Napoli, Cattaraugus County

1 year

Alabama, Genesee Co, where he now resides

2 years

This listing was not precise. Marshall was a resident ofGenesee County when he made his 15 Oct 1828 application.  Marshall died on 10 March 1843 at Williamson,Wayne Co., New York, where he had been living with his daughter Abi.

An affidavit of Harry Bormore of Napoli, Cattaraugus County,New York, dated 7 Feb 1834, states that Marshall is his father and presently resides with him.  In addition to Henry(Harry) and Abi, it seems likely that Marshall was the father of Nathaniel Barmore.  Marshall was living in Westfield,Washington County, New York at the time of the 1790 census.  Nathaniel’s wife was from that town and they lived at Hartford, Washington County, in 1800 when their oldest son, Dennis M.was born.  “M.” could stand forMarshall.  The Nathaniel Barmore family later lived in Genesee and Cattaraugus Counties, which were also residences of Marshall.

Children (could be more):

1.             Abi[gail], b. abt 1777; m. Ezra Thomas; of Williamson, WayneCo., NY 1840

2.             Nathaniel, b. 25 Feb 1780; d. 10 Oct 1821; m. 1799 Roxina Chapin

a.    Dennis M. Barmore, 1800-1870

b.    Adna C. Barmore, 1802-1875

c.    Joanna C. (Barmore) Sherwood, 1805

d.    Salma C. Barmore, 1807-1879

e.    Nathaniel Barmore, Jr., 1809-1887

f.     Margaret C. (Barmore) Hinman, 1811-1890

g.    Melinda (Barmore) Gilbert, 1813

h.    Roxana (Barmore) Marsh, 1816

i.      Aurilla (Barmore) Appleby, 1819

3.             Henry, b. abt 1801, Clinton Co., NY; m. Laura Knox

a.    Loring Knox Barmore, 1826-1865

b.    Roswell Marshall Barmore, 1830-1916

c.    George Harry Barmore, 1835

d.    Harmon Henry Barmore, 1838-1894

e.    William A. Barmore, 1841