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Descendants of James & Molly Chagum of Barkhamsted, CT
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Poem by: Lewis Sprangue Mills, M.A., Legends of Barkhamsted Lighthouse and Satan's Kingdom In an ever widening circle, Carry far the blood of Chaugham And his spouse, brave Molly Barber, Down the years with Adams, Hobson, Jacklin, Lawrence, Barber, Elwell, Webster, Doty, Berry, Cochran, And the thousands yet to follow~ I’ve been a family genealogist & Native American Researcher for over 28+ years and have traced over 55,000+ people for my family tree/research (Mother & Father’s sides) I’m the head Genealogist for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Native American Tribe in Barkhamsted Connecticut along with being a true descendant of this line~ I’m working closely with several Archaeologists, Professors, Historians, Historical Societies, genealogists, family members along with several Authors on the Chagum/Chagam/Chaugham/Shawgum lineages and those of the tribes they descend from. I have traveled extensively in my search for our Ancestors mainly in the NY, CT, RI. MI, IN, MA along with Block Island areas on my quest - looking forward to many more journeys tracing my Native American bloodlines - dealing with much of early American History from the 1600's to the 1800's. This DNA project is about uncovering the truth piece by piece - together~ Coni (Allen) Dubois~ ƸӜƷ ..¸.•LIFE IS .(.•´ TO LIVE ( `•.LOVE ..`•.¸)LEARN ..¸.•)✿..& LEAVE A LEGACY .(.•´ \|/♥♥♥ OF LOVE Lewis Sprangue Mills, M.A., Legends of Barkhamsted Lighthouse and Satan's Kingdom in New Hartford - (USA - Dedicated to Florence Cochran Shelly - Great, Great, Granddaughter of James and Molly Chaugham - Mrs. Shelly loaned valuable pictures for use in this book, and read the manuscript. Second Edn. Cloth. 326 pages. - Libary of Congress Catalogue No: 61-10155 (Lewis Mills also was the Author of -The Story of Connecticut & Editor of -The Lure of the Litchfield Hills, 1936-1956), Shoe String Press, Inc, 1952 & 1961).