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5/11 We're at 96 - almost there!!
2/10 Over 80 members! I would have never guessed we would be this far. Is 100 members possible!!!
10/08 The snowball is rolling - 60 members!
5/08 WOW we now have 50 members! Of course the more members the better the chances for finding matches. I remember when it was just Johnny and myself in 2004 wondering if this would lead anywhere....
9/07 We now have results from the known CT and RI lines and have confirmed that the original Thomas (CT) and Moses(RI) are NOT related as was theorized.
December 2006 - 33 members and a new line from VA/NJ.
September 2006 - 25 memebers and quite a few matches! We need a CT Barber!
August 2006 - 23 members!!
June 2006 - 18 members now and a longtime member has an exact match with a new member - they are exploring possible connections.
May 2006 - 16 members strong!!!
15 Nov 2005 - More results matching the RI. line, and now we have a match with the Bates Sirname. Still trying to find the connection.
1 Jul 2005 - Results show that 2 members exactly match our RI cousin, and 1 memeber is very close with only 1 mismatch. More markers would help to identify the common ancestor. We are waiting on results for a new member.
9 Apr 2005 - We really need a member from the CT. Barbers!! Please recruit!!
8 Apr 2005 - One of the members knows he is from the RI Barbers. One of the others matches very closely with only 1 mismatch. One member is an exact match! The remaining member does not appear to be related.
3 Mar 2005 - Two results back, still waiting for the others. We need more members!!
19 Feb 2005 - Four Barbers have now joined. Waiting for results
19 Dec 2004 - as of this date, one BARBER has joined and results have returned.
29 Sep 2004 - the BARBER Surname Project was announced.