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About us

This is the BANDY surname Y-DNA project, suitable only for MALES with fathers named BANDY, organised in association with the BANDY One-Name Study. If you are a FEMALE of BANDY descent this project is not for you, but you can pay for your father, brother or other male relative of Bandy descent to join. For details of the genealogies of the various BANDY families as well as photos, anecdotes and news see our website

This project is administered by Derek Bandy in England and Burt Eubank for American contributors

The One-Name Study has shown that there are a large number of BANDY lines in England, USA, Canada and Australia who are related or probably related - but in many cases we can't find the genealogical evidence to identify the link. Where genealogical evidence is lacking Y-DNA profiles can help us - if only to know that this branch is or is not related. Your personal details will not be published but will be known to Derek Bandy and to Burt Eubank if you are American both of whom will be working on the genealogical implications of any findings.

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