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March 2022:  The Ballard project is moving forward with advanced BigY testing and currently has 15 different unrelated YDNA lines. Of the 15 groups, 6 share a distant (back thousands of years) common ancestor in the Haplogroup R1b. R1b is the most common group for all surnames from England, Ireland and Scotland (British Isles). The other group is Haplogroup I2a. Each group has taken additional testing to confirm deep history back to Anglo, Saxon, Viking and other early tribes. We also have some families with Haplogroup H2 that goes back from the Virginia Colony to England and perhaps Ireland or France.  Join Us On Facebook:   

NOTICE: This is a YDNA Surname Project, our project is open to any FTDNA member as it does not require approval to join.  As a result of this openness we are seeing a lot of testers who join but do not allow their results to be shared with either the project admin or other project members.  Some who join may not be aware that project and admin permissions must be set to limited or advanced to be included in project research.  All minimum settings will be removed as they do not benefit any project research goals.  Once the settings are corrected to limited or advanced, members can join again.